Fitness with a Purpose & Local Eats

I know what you are thinking… 
“Ice cream?! I thought this was supposed to be about fitness???”  
Well it is!  Look a little closer… 
See something else?  
Here, I’ll help…

That’s right!  Rob and I decided that if we were going to get ice cream, we might as well make it worth it and ride our bikes there!  LOL.  Actually, I totally did not want to run today at all.  I will confess completely, I did not do my 10 mile run all weekend and I didn’t do it today either.  I just haven’t been feeling it and instead of forcing it, I’m going to ease my way back in again like I normally do, with fitness I like to do.  Tomorrow, I’m planning on some sort of DVD or Kinect to get me moving and sweating, and today it was biking with the hubby.  We rode about 6.5 miles total and had a great time!  Sometimes, you have to make the exercise enjoyable or you won’t do it! 

Anyway. I got a new book!  It was a whole $1.98.  I can’t wait to use it!  It will definitely come in handy with my food blogs.  It gives pretty good definitions for the various food additives.  It also gives you “good, bad, or ok” type score but I don’t know if I’ll use that much.  I will decide for myself.  For example, artificial sweeteners get the middle of the road ranking.  Hm…

In the weight loss area, I feel a bit stalled.  I have been slacking on watching my food and my workouts.  But today I decided to start over and am feeling the determination again.  Sometimes though its nice to have little reminders that I’ve come a long way.  A while back, my grandmother passed me a ring that my grandfather gave to her.  It never fit because it was so tiny. The other day, I discovered that it fits!  And I have been wearing it as much as possible since!

On another note, Rob and I have decided to stop supporting “The Man”.  Haha, not really but we’ve decided that something new and fun for my blog would be for us to eat only at local places (excepting maybe when we hang out with friends).  We normally eat at local breakfast places but rarely other times.  This will be a new fun challenge and blog topic!  Of course, we are going to get really sick of Italian food I’m sure because I live in New Jersey and thats what they cook here.  Haha!  Rob is also a picky eater so I’ll have to drag friends to my favorite haunts like Rama Thai and Bombay (Indian food).  Anyway, here are some pictures from some local restaurants.  We tried a new breakfast place this weekend and it skyrocketed right to the top of the favorites list when my coffee came out with an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!!!

 Somers Point Cafe
 Julliano’s Pub and Grille
 Berkshire Grill

Linwood Bagels

2 thoughts on “Fitness with a Purpose & Local Eats

  1. How fun! Enjoy the local places…it is a great way to support your local neighbors…I can't wait until my children are a little older and we can get out of the "Friendly's" rut…they just aren't quite old enough yet to appreciate things other than chix nuggets and FF when out! At home, different story…it just seems that they associate dining out with those things (probably since they don't EVER get it at home! HA!)

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