Food Blog 09/01/2011

Ugh!  That’s all I’ve got to say about today.  Just lots of ups and downs.  So on to my food and fitness!


Today, I just wasn’t feeling a run (or a workout in general) so I popped in one of my Bob Harper DVDs and played the 25 minute cardio workout.  I still wasn’t feeling it.  10 minutes in, nope still not feeling it.  20 minutes in, still not happy.  25 minutes in (aka done), I was very happy.  LoL.  I put in a decent workout but definitely didn’t push it.  I just didn’t have any energy!  And this lack of energy carried on throughout the day.  I. Am. Beat.  Just soooo tired, I must have not slept well last night or something.  Good news, I have off tomorrow!  I can sleep in!  Oh yeah!

Good Eats
I decided at lunch that I would start doing these blogs again so excuse the first few photos because the one is really old (from last year!), the other one is the same as the other day, and another I got from the internet.  Haha.  And you will see I kept forgetting I was going to be doing food blogs 😉

Breakfast was an omelet with mozzarella and 2 little bitty peppers from my garden!  I also had another oatmeal pancake with almond butter.

After workout snack was a chocolate banana protein shake.  Yum!

I decided to stop at Wawa for lunch to save time.  I got the roast beef and swiss ciabatta melt.  Soooo good and calories aren’t too bad.  But it isn’t “clean” by any means.  I rarely go to Wawa any more for food and I’ve been craving one so why not!  I also made sure to grab a baggie of carrots for my veggie challenge on FabFit.

Did I mention how tired I am today?  I decided I needed some “fuel” for my car drive of 2 hours to school.  I only got half calf.  Should have gotten full caf.  It was yummy though.  Grande nonfat extra hot half calf caramel macchiato.  Rob loves it when I send him in to order for me 🙂

 I ate the rest of the carrots between the car ride and class.  After class, I was starved!  Had my PB&J (can you tell I forgot again?) and a nectarine (and forgot again?!?!?!).

Plum in the car to keep me occupied.  When I get tired, I munch on things to keep me awake!  Don’t worry, took this picture at a stop light.  LoL.

And after a long day, coming home to a crappy letter in the mail, I decided it was time to relax.  Delicious ginger snaps and a Magic Hat #9.  Aah.

The End.

The end of my day but here are some pictures I took the last few days.  Yummy foods!

Cinnamon chicken.  Don’t knock it til you try it!  With smashed sweet potatoes.  This was very fall-tasting and delicious.  Who know cinnamon and chicken?  Huh.

And do you like my placemat?  I always like that over on Carrots N Cake, Tina always has pretty place mats in her pictures.  I picked this one up at Big Lots and I love the color it adds to the pictures!

And finally, Spooky Photo of the Week!  This week is her pissed off look cause she is a cranky mama this week.  Oy, we need to get her fixed.  Next paycheck…

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