Fuel Belt Bust

I mentioned yesterday that I did an excellent job of meal planning yesterday and check this out:


In there is enough salad fixings for 6 meals (topped with chicken), 3 stuffed red peppers with a side of zucchini, 2 meals worth of leftovers, cauliflower rice, ready-cut asparagus, and ham broth to serve over ham slices (ham not pictured).  That’s 14 ready to go meals.  Phew what a day of prep!  This has definitely already made my week a bit easier!

So, as I mentioned, I did not get my long run in over the weekend.  What am I doing to myself for this race?  I have no idea.  My next attempt at 8 miles is planned for Thursday hopefully but my day is already filling up.  Friday, it is supposed to rain so I can’t do it then and Saturday is completely booked.  My life is too crazy!

Yesterday, I did get a nice little workout in.  I actually set out to run for a long time (no goal, just a long time) but it was SO HOT.  I mean, I don’t miss winter but having an actual SPRING would be really nice. 

20130408_161310I also had to go back to the house because 1 minute into my run, my Fuel Belt bottles were leaking all over like they always do (I was giving them one more chance – can you see it leaking in the picture?).  I went back to the house and used my hand held Nathan bottle that is wonderful and never ever leaks on me.  If you are ever in the market for a water belt for running, buy one made by Nathan and no others!  They are the best (I have more than one… at home in my regular apartment).  I’m not sure what to do with this water belt now as I will probably never use it again – any walkers out there who could use it? 

I ended up cutting the run short because my legs felt like bricks.  Every step was stiff and achy.  I mean, my first mile was 13:30 – so very slow for me!  It was probably the crap (pasta and ice cream) I ate over the weekend and that afternoon.  I also hadn’t eaten much all day either and was feeling lethargic, nor had I drank much water.  The sudden heat and humidity wasn’t helping either.  I stopped at 2 miles and the second I walked in the house, I realized just how hungry I was.  Thank goodness dinner was heat-and-eat!

20130408_190224Remember I said my ankle starting hurting while playing tennis over the weekend?  Well, it is still being pesky and feeling more like my Achilles Tendinitis coming back.  I forgot to stretch and after an hour on the couch, when I went to walk, major stiffness and soreness and limping.  I busted out the yoga mat and did some sun salutations and then some downward dog to stretch out that heel.  Woke up this morning and no pain!  I really need to do yoga more often.  Its one of my long time loves (practicing since 1999) but I have never gotten into a regular routine.

Things to do today:

  • Teach class.
  • Attend Cancer research seminar.
  • Finish my presentation for tomorrow’s class.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat only homemade meals.
  • Try to squeeze some easy movement in – walk, yoga, easy run, etc.

Do you practice yoga or any kind of regular stretching?

4 thoughts on “Fuel Belt Bust

    1. 14 meals, not days. Haha, wow I can only imagine cooking 2 weeks worth of food! 14 meals will last me 5-7 days depending on how many times I eat each day. Not bad!

  1. Love that you can meal prep like that! I need someone to help me figure out how to do that for a family of 6!!
    Hope the heel starts to cooperate again…injuries are such a downer…

    1. I really just wing it. I could only imagine cooking for a whole family! Here’s how my planning went: I always have chicken over salad for lunch (exciting I know), I had a coupon for green peppers and for ground beef (hence stuffed peppers), and we got our free ham for Easter hence the ham slices and ham broth from some soup Rob made. We were just using what we had!

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