Fun Fitness

Fun Fitness

Remember when exercise was fun?

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When did staying healthy go from playing outside for a few hours to grinding it out on the dreadmill 5 times a week for 30 minutes?

If you were to ask me how to be successful with an exercise regime, I would tell you to find something you like.  I really mean that.  A lot of people say they just don’t like moving at all but I think people who truly hate doing anything are very far and few.  The people who say they don’t like to exercise or sweat are the people who are afraid that they’ll be bored or not very good at it (and if you are just starting out, odds are you aren’t very good so you’ll just have to get over it).

Last night, I went to Zumba and had a blast.  I liked Zumba from the first day I tried it.  Its like being at a night club with 20 of your best friends, rocking out to great music.  Sure, there are dance moves to follow but if you are new, you can just bop around in the back and no one will care (just be sure to not run into anyone else!).  You don’t need to know how to dance, you just need to let loose!


I’m not saying Zumba is the only way to have fun while you burn calories.  I love trail running with my husband.  Going up and down the hills, jumping over rocks and tree roots, watching my footing in the sand.  It is all fun to me!  Its like being a kid again.  And its not as much fun when I run that same trail alone.  Then it feels more like work than play.

Don’t torture yourself in the gym if you hate it.  Don’t train for a race if you dread every training run.  Find a friend to work out with you if you hate going it alone.  Try alternative exercises – CrossFit, Yoga, Boxing, Zumba, P90X – whatever gets you moving!

Getting in shape and being healthy doesn’t have to be torture.  It will be hard at first but if you just remember to enjoy what you are doing, you will eventually want to exercise.  You’ll look forward to it.  There is something out there for everyone.  You just have to get past the excuses (and maybe the insecurities) and find what makes you want to move!

How do you have fun while burning calories?

2 thoughts on “Fun Fitness

  1. I really think other people is the key to doing an exercise you don’t love. I can get myself out there to run by myself no problem, but to do things like strength or stretching, I need buddies!

    Great reminder that we need to have FUN while workout out, and yes that is possible! 🙂

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