Giving Up

Giving Up

For the rest of July, I’m giving up.

emoticon I’m giving up tracking my food.

emoticon I’m giving up tracking my water.

emoticon I’m giving up worrying about calories in/out.

emoticon I’m giving up goals.

Instead, I’m going to do what I want to.

emoticon I want to run more regularly.

emoticon I want to eat good, Paleo-based foods.

emoticon I want to have a treat now and then.

emoticon I want to do more yoga.

emoticon I want to be well hydrated.

emoticon I want to get enough sleep.

emoticon I want to feel strong and sexy!

So there you have it. I’m giving up all those things that I’ve been taught will help me lose weight and get to a health lifestyle. Instead, I’m going to do whatever I want to!

emoticon What do you want to do? emoticon

5 thoughts on “Giving Up

  1. Looks like all of your “wants” are fabulous! Maybe changing the mindset will help…it’s worth a try…and enjoy your days! Goals shouldn’t make you miserable…so if they are hanging over you, then they aren’t right for right now…being healthy and doing the right things as your “doing what you want” sounds good to me!

  2. I support you and hope it works GREAT!

    I never have a problem with water since it’s just a habit. I take 1L of water with me to work and it’s “done” by 1PM–not because I’m trying but because it’s habit of almost 30 years.

    Food? Oh…

    Every time I stop tracking, I end up in trouble. That said, of course I’d rather not track. I have to do it or things go VERY wrong. Every now and then I don’t for a short bit and that’s fine but if I stop for months, it takes months to get back.

    I’m proof you can eat Paleo and be fat. It’s cos I eat Paleo foods BUT NOT IN PROPORTIONS that are recommended. I don’t eat a max of 4oz of nuts (preferably walnuts). Why? I like walnuts least of all and I don’t stop before 3/4 C are down. It’s different if I *add* some nuts to a recipe but if I’m eating nuts? Trouble. I love them!

    And the fats–I’ll keep eating fat (coconut oil or EVOO), far more than anybody should. I can find a way…So, I’d better measure and track 🙂

    My new/ old thing (used to do with great success) is workout SHORTER. Once I start working out, I don’t want to stop (because I’m crazy). BUT when I make myself do 15 minutes of kettlebells (no more–stop already!) in the AM, it quickly leads to better strength and I simply feel leaner (whether or not it’s true). I think it’s because I feel stronger but anyway, I do better when I get in short but frequent kbs. I’m going to start doing that again.

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