Going Confidently

Going Confidently

Hello there!  This weekend is the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC.  It is the first year they are doing it and I’m pretty excited about participating.


I didn’t get to train like I wanted to – I was sick for a few weeks, I was really busy with school, I lost my mojo somewhere along the way – but I know I can still finish in their cut off times (about 4 hours total for the race).  It might not be pretty but I will do it!  Can’t waste that entry fee!

After this race, I might take some time off from racing.  I didn’t really get to train properly for the last few races and that’s not the way I want to continue.  I do actually want to do well, but its just too much right now with everything going on in my life.  Maybe next year?  We’ll see how this Fall semester goes at my new school!

In other news, I broke down and bought more new jeans yesterday.  The ones I got in February were snug when I bought them.  Five pounds gained and a few shrinking sessions in the dryer, most of them are too snug to wear now.  I made sure this time to get loose pairs that fit comfortably.  There is something wonderful for your confidence when your clothes actually fit.  It was more the money spent that bothered me than the new sizes.  Just remember, dress your body as it is now and not the size you want it to be.


Not much else going on other than that.  I have a ton of school work to do before and after this trip and the semester is officially over next Friday.  Its crunch time so I better be off to work!  Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Going Confidently

  1. I broke down and bought some summer clothes. I have to feel confident when Im out and about, and hopefully that will move into eating healthy, and working out. thats my plan at least!! haha

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