Good Eats & Great Abs

Good morning!  So I don’t know what happened yesterday but I had loads of energy all day!  It was wonderful.  I never had the afternoon crash or anything.  I wasn’t even tired by the time 9 rolled around (bed time).  I even got up at 5:30 yesterday, no problems.  Can’t every day be like that??

Yesterday, I tried my hardest to stick to a mostly Paleo diet.  Toward the end of the night, I really needed extra calories so I made ice cream!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and veggies.  Coffee with stevia and coconut milk in it. 
Snack:  Tea, Attempted to eat my packed lunch (2 bites).
Lunch:  Lunch was a flop.  I took my friends’ advice on facebook and headed to the mall to Saladworks.  I got Sophie’s salad which may have been too sweet (I didn’t realize the pecans were candied plus the cranberries and green apple) but delicious! 
Snack:  Apple, Coconut water with pre-workout supplements
Dinner:  Turkey with sautéed brussel sprouts again (cooked in coconut oil). 
Snack:  “Ice cream” made with a frozen banana, coconut hazelnut butter, and a splash of almond milk.


Once again, I made sure to work out right after I got home.  This backfired a little as I had to stop the workout short because of hunger pains.  And I mean “pains”.  I thought something was wrong until my belly just grumbled.  I guess having lunch at 11 and then just an apple at 4 won’t hold me until dinner Smile  In my defense, I was in class from 2-4 where I couldn’t just eat something (its in a lab – no food).

So anyway, workout was 45 minutes of Zumba and a 10 minute workout DVD.


This is my all time favorite Abs workout.  I’ve had this DVD forever but its still available for sale on Amazon.  You can also find this series of “10 Minute Solution” at lots of stores like Target, KMart, etc.  Probably even Best Buy.  Anyway, I love the instructor and the workout is extremely difficult but quick and it flows well between moves.  I also like that I’ve been using it for years so I can see how I’ve improved.  Right after Insanity, I could do the whole workout.  Last night, I had trouble with some of the planks.  Years ago, I could maybe only do half!

The other workouts on this DVD are also excellent, especially the Ultimate Buns & Thighs.  Anyway, if you want a nice kickboxing themed workout that isn’t just cardio, I would highly recommend this one!  You can do each 10 minute segment alone, “build you own” workout, or play all 5 of them together.  It really is a total body workout!

Overall, an excellent day!!!  I really am amazed still at the energy I had.  Is this what it would be like if I ate Paleo all the time?  I did have 1 tummy reaction to a normal food.  What can I say, my body hates to eat.  I will admit though, I am sipping my coffee right now with a tad bit of sugar and regular half and half.  The coconut milk “curdled” or did something weird and then I was turned off.  Blech.  At least I only use like 1/8 of a teaspoon of sugar.  Now, off to have another energetic day!!

Do you have a favorite workout that you use to track your progress?

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  1. I totally love P90X and find that I can track progress there, especially when I do more than 1 round of it or compare it to when I first started. I have a new one I am going to try this week ..I’ll let you know if I like it. I previewed the DVDs on my computer. Not too sure I am going to like it. The people annoy me. Bad form, too busy fixing hair/shorts…hoping that when I’m doing the workout I don’t notice them as much!
    Hope you have another great day!!!

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