Healthy Holidays Week 8

Healthy Holidays Week 8

Hello there!  I don’t know if anyone is reading today but I must blog.  I was deathly sick last week and am finally feeling better.  Amid all that bobsledding fun, I got food poisoning.  Severe.  Details not required but I was sick from Wednesday through Thursday.  Then I was still woozy and couldn’t eat a thing.  I’m still feeling off, as its hard to eat without feeling nauseous. 

Anyway, the fun part was finding things to eat after being sick as most people recommend toast and rice, two things I really shouldn’t eat.  I got through it though and can eat almost normal now!


So, I totally feel off the face of the earth with my health holidays challenge too.  The girls on the Facebook team were doing great though, still checking in and all!  This week, I only have a single goal for everyone.

Strive to make every day as healthy as possible.

That’s it!  I want everyone thing week to just worry about making each day healthy.  Also, yesterday’s assignment seems to have been missed so by Friday, want everyone to make and share some goals and plans for 2013.

Now, I really have to go.  I think I needed those few days away from the internet.  It was a nice break honestly.  Now, its time to get back to the routine but first is getting ready for Christmas!  We have the whole family over for breakfast every year and as of right now, there isn’t a single decoration up yet! 

Let’s all have a great last week of the year! 

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