I realize I am way behind on blogs.  I just need to find a new routine now that Insanity is taking up my mornings among other things (like homework).  I promise that a more health related blog will come tomorrow but for now, I wanted to recap my weekend in DC and this past weekend!

Not only did I get to do a lovely race last weekend, but I almost met some wonderful ladies from an online fitness team that I am part of.  Some of the women are from Spark People but we all know each other on a different forum.  Anyway, that Friday night after the expo, we met up for dinner at Bond 45 in the National Harbor


It was a really great time meeting them all and it is always funny when you realize that their personalities in person are just like online!  Strange how it can come through in just text!  We spent quite a bit of time at dinner before we all had to head out to get a good night’s sleep before the big day!

The race day recap was already published but I didn’t get to put any pictures of all the lovely ladies!


DSCN6617It was a fabulous time!  It was hard trying to find people and Tiffany (in the Phillies hat) was able to find me because of my bright pink shirt!  Ha!  She is lucky I wore the same one as the Philly RnR!  We didn’t hang out long after since I felt so crappy but after we were showered, we needed to find food.  We decided to head to Georgetown to find a Ralph Lauren Rugby store (and café) so off we went.  It took forever to get down there (I hate getting around DC) but finally we were fed and happy.  At that point, we were all completely exhausted and decided to call it a night.  How lame are we on St. Patty’s Day!

DSCN6648That Sunday, I was super excited to meet up with a friend who lives in the DC area that I don’t get to see often.  It is funny because we always fall into easy conversation despite being so long apart and somewhat different backgrounds/careers/interests.  I was tired at first but I finally go into a rhythm and had a great time chatting with her!

After that, we had to head back to Delaware and New Jersey to get ready for the week ahead!

This weekend was equally packed.  I had a ton of work to do (and still do, OMG I’m drowning!) but I was also super busy.  Friday, I had a pampered chef party at my house and had a great time hanging out with everyone!  P3237850

Saturday, Rob had a rugby tournament in New York City.  I really had a ton of work to do but he really wanted me to go with him and I’m a big sucker for his cute eyes.  I was pretty cranky all day since we only got a few hours of sleep.  We had to meet the other teammates at 5AM and people didn’t leave from the party until after 11!  But the fields were beautiful and although we lost, the team didn’t play that bad (considering it is like 50% new members!)


The fields are on their own little island right next to NYC with a couple of highways going over them.  Pretty cool!  The entire island is dedicated to sports fields (along with some city stuff like water treatment and the FDNY training facility).  It was a beautiful day and it was nice to be outside!

Sunday was spent doing errands and homework all day.  I missed party at Lauren’s because I thought it was the week before.  She reminded me right before it but we were supposed to bring our “favorite things” to exchange so I wouldn’t have had time to prepare (besides, again lots of work).  Then I found out later that the girls ended up spending the whole day together!  They even went dress shopping.  Now this isn’t normally a big deal but she JUST GOT ENGAGED!


So I don’t know if it was wedding-dress or bridesmaids-dress or just regular-ol’-dress but either way I am really, really bummed!!!  So I’ve informed Lauren that I am home every weekend this month for any more impromptu excursions!  So yay for Lauren!  (and I totally jacked that picture from her blog Dimples Does It)

And on that note, it is time for me to run.  TONS of work to do this week.  I even made a little schedule of work time.  I’ve left myself about a half hour a night for blogging so I should be ok but don’t expect anything too fancy this week!  And I have tons of blogs I am behind on too, I might just scratch them.  Blogging is fun but something has got to give!

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  1. you sound like one busy lady! I hope you find some downtime too. although I cant wait to hear about insanity

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