Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

Yesterday for dinner, I had a hankering for something of Rob’s homemade talents.  So it was pasta or pizza.  Rob really liked the idea of pizza so he got to prepping.  He used some of his wild yeast starter that he keeps on the counter (PROMISE, blog about that later).  You have to add extra flour to use it for bread.  He kept it simple and didn’t add anything else (some dough has olive oil, sugar, etc.).  He rolled mine out really flat and I got to adding toppings!


Of course, mine was loaded up with veggies:  peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and spinach.  On top, mozzarella with some goat cheese


Rob got to prepping his pizza.  He rolled it out thicker than mine since mine almost didn’t fit on the stone to bake!  His toppings?  A boat load of cheese and bacon.  He also tried tossing it.  Hehe.


In the end?  Delicious!  The sauce was a little lacking (used bland pasta sauce, low sodium).  Next time, when we run out of the crappy stuff, we can use the good sauce and it will make it that much better.  I also forgot I wanted to spray the crust with olive oil for flavor and nice browning.  Otherwise, it was delicious!!!  We may never order pizza again!


His and hers pizza!  LoL.  Seriously, this was super easy.  Everyone should keep fresh dough on their counter.  So tonight is fresh semolina pasta (we usually do regular white flour) with meat sauce.  I might even make garlic bread with the rye bread Rob made on Monday.  I love Rob’s new hobby!


Fitness & Health

DSCN5880Quick update, my eating has been terrible.  Overall, most of the food I eat is healthy and fresh and homemade but I am eating too many calories and having too many sweets the rest of the time.  I already tracked my planned meals for today so hopefully that will help!

266-2I worked out yesterday.  Yay!  Sadly that shouldn’t be a surprise thing.  Ugh.  Anyway, I did Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training.  It always kicks my butt!!  I am sooo sore today, I can barely stand up.  Maybe I overdid it a bit?  So I’m think today’s goal will be to get lots of steps (while cleaning the house) and stretch throughout the day.  Run tomorrow hopefully.  I have to get up early for that though because I’m going to Ikea with my sister!  Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza

  1. Pizza looks amazing! I’ll have to send you my recipe for pizza – it uses eggplant for the crust…and my kids don’t even know it! 🙂 It’ll be one you can use when you are at school and don’t have Rob around to make his awesome dough…
    Have fun at Ikea! Haven’t been in so long…maybe that’s a good thing! LOL

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