How to be Successful at Fitness

How to be Successful at Fitness

Hello there everyone!  Sorry for my mini blogging hiatus but I just wasn’t feeling inspired to chat.  It is no excuse but the blogs would have been rather boring and I think I just needed to get away from the computer for a bit.  Anyway, on to today’s topic…


How to be Successful at Fitness

(1)  Have a Goal

First, make yourself a concrete goal.  It could be a road race a few weeks out, a specific fitness goal (like “running”, “lifting”, etc.), just something to keep you focused on an end-game.  Without a goal, you will get lost as to why you are putting in all the trouble.

(2)  Focus on One Activity

Pick one thing to focus on.  This is similar to #1 but not exactly.  Take your one goal and stick to it.  If it is running, then center all your workouts around that one focus.  You can do speed work, run outside, do running-specific strength training, etc.  Make it your one priority to give your workouts purpose.

(3)  Have a Place to Play

Make sure you have somewhere to do all this fitness.  You might be able to do it at home but make sure you have enough space for everything you need to do.  Maybe you have to join a gym to do follow your plan.  Perhaps you want to run outside so you need to mark out safe, convenient running routes.  Figure out where you are going to do this.

(4)  Have an Accountability Partner

Find someone, either online or in real life, who will do this with you.  Maybe its someone you meet at the gym or just an online group where they expect you to check in with your progress.  Find someone who will hold you accountable and encourage you to succeed.

(5)  Expect to Struggle

Finally, expect it to be really hard.  Exercise should never be easy.  The better, more fit you get, the more you put in.  Whatever your fitness level, know that everyone struggles.  Just expect to be tired and sore ahead of time so its no excuse when it comes along!


I think I’ll end here for today.  I’ve got lots of fun blogs to prep for the rest of the week so keep an eye out.  Next one should be about how I’m going to implement the 5 rules above in my own life!

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