How to Peel a Kiwi

A friend noticed me eating a kiwi at work the other day and though it was so interesting how I ate it so I thought it might make a good blog topic!

When I take a kiwi to work, I want the minimal amount of work.  I take it whole and pack a knife (butter knife works) and a spoon.  Today, I decided to chop kiwis to throw in fruit salad and I use the same method so here we go!

Wash your kiwis and rub the “fur” off as much as you can.
Cut the kiwi in half and run a thin spoon around the edge of the kiwi all the way down the sides.
The peels should pull right back off of the kiwi and pull it off!
Cut off the end, dice the kiwi, and serve!
When I take them to work, I just use the butter knife to cut them in half and use the spoon to scoop the kiwi out of the skin.  No more horrible attempts at peeling kiwis!

One thought on “How to Peel a Kiwi

  1. I do the same thing! I do it like that with avacado, too…and when I buy a mango, I kind of do it the same, but sometimes need a knife to "scoop" it off the skin…SO much easier than using a peeler and having slippery fruit!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Oh, and your fruit salad looks delicious!

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