I Am Going Insane! (Insanity Day 2)

I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with recaps of Insanity every day but holy moly!  I just got done (seriously, sitting here eating my omelet in my workout clothes) and it is just pure craziness (insanity?)!  I mean, I knew it would kick my butt but I really loved it!  And the workouts are so humbling.  You think you are in shape and you basically find out that you’re not.  Well, I knew I wasn’t but my friend Jess, certified personal trainer, texted me that she hates push up jacks.  Ha!

The knee was just fine.  Like I said before, I have no internal pain, it is just the scrape on the outside that is annoying as it heals.  It was just fine today for the workout but I couldn’t always bend my knee all the way.  It worked well enough though!

BodyFatI also took before pictures that I am just too embarrassed to share (and they are also locked in the camera anyway!).  I forgot measurements but I will take them tomorrow morning before my workout.  My starting weight I will use 156lbs and 26% Body Fat (scale and BF calculator are also at home in NJ).  The BF could be more but that is what was the last time I checked.  Maybe we should round up to 27%?  My goal is 24 or less for now which will put me in the “Fitness” range according to the American Council on Exercise.  Less than 20% would be so cool (in healthy terms – i.e. athletic) but sounds like too much work for me.  Haha!

So that’s all the babble for today.  I have TONS of work to do for school.  3 Quantum assignments, 3 Math Methods assignments, lots of reading, and a presentation for my group meeting next week.  Off to be productive!  Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

One thought on “I Am Going Insane! (Insanity Day 2)

  1. I set my goal at 22% because it was the low end for old broads like me. I figured don’t set an easy goal…but because I can be compulsive, I didn’t want to set a crazy goal like 14% (where women tend to show a six-pack) because …

    When you work for THAT goal, there has to be a reason: pretty much that reason is you’re modeling or you are doing body competitions.

    Models and body competitors WORK for their body. I don’t mean it’s hard, I mean it’s their career.

    I already have one 🙂

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