Insanity: Month 2 Week 1 (or Week 6)

InsanityMaxPlyoSo are you guys sick of the Insanity blogs yet?  LoL.  I figured I would recap my first experience with Month 2 Week 1 since I did it for Month 1 Week 1 before.  My reaction is pretty much the same:

1.  Cardio is a Huge Factor.
2.  Strength is Important.
3.  It is Intense.
4.  Make it Through Week 1.
5.  You Will Love It.

Once again the cardio is very heavy in the regular videos (Recover Day is Yoga day as Rob calls it) but I feel like this month is heavier on the strength.  I felt like Tuesday (Max Interval Plyo) was push-up day.  I think I did like 100 push ups.  I can barely do 5 normally.  And all the other videos felt like they had tons of push ups too (even recovery day).  And recovery day was like torture-the-muscles day.  Lots of squats, lots of push ups, lots and lots of shaking.

These videos are definitely more intense than Month 1 but thinking back, I think I feel just as exhausted as I did in Month 1 Week 1.  And although my week isn’t over yet, I can already say “make it through week 1”.  On Wednesday, my whole body hurt.  Not just soreness but it hurt.  But by noon or so, I was feeling slightly better so I decided to push through the DVD for the day.  Thursday morning, I was hardly sore!  I hurt for 3 days and then almost nothing! 

And once again, I still love the torture!  I definitely made huge gains in month 1, even if it wasn’t on the scale (or other measurements).  I definitely felt myself getting better.  Push ups were getting easier, I was able to move faster and follow the videos better.  I am looking forward to the results like that from this month!  Maybe I’ll be able to do a proper push up by the end of all this!!  Definitely loving Month 2 already!

One a side note, I have felt pretty run down lately (finals tend to do that to you).  Typically, I sleep great but lately I have been having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep (and last night, the people arguing about breaking up at 1AM didn’t help).  So I’ve worn my FitBit to bed the last few nights just to see if I was right and look at my graph from last night!


Terrible!!!  It just tracks your movement and I don’t move at all when I’m sleeping.  Also, I don’t always move when I wake up (I recall not budging one bit while listening to “so are you breaking up with me!?!?!?” last night).  And I don’t think I was really sleeping from like 6:30 to 7 either.  I am hoping I can find a new routine that will help settle my sleeping again. 

And now, off in a daze to finish up a take home final due today!

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