Insanity Review: Month 2 & Final Results

InsanityYesterday was my very last day of Insanity!  In case you missed them, I have been posting review blogs as I’ve been going along:

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And this is the last one!  So as not to repeat myself, I will just remind you that it is high on cardio, strength is super important, and you need to make it past week 1.

Month 2
Month 2 was much more intense than month 1 and much heavier on the upper body moves.  I felt like I was constantly doing push ups.  Also, month 2 was definitely more intense.  While I felt like I was actually getting somewhere by the end of month 1, I still struggled through the workouts by the end of month 2.  That is probably the reason you have a recovery day and do the recovery week workout in month 2 (like having 2 recovery days).  I definitely felt pretty beat though by the workouts.  It may have been that I was used to pushing myself to the max by the end of month 2 and continued to do so.  Maybe I was getting better but I just couldn’t tell!

Final Review
Overall, I’m really happy I did the program!  For me, I really needed something to get me on track, working out 6 days a week.  It solidified my routine and got me used to pushing hard every day.  I also definitely saw gains in strength and cardio.  I think that this is a great workout to really push your fitness to the next level, both in strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Let me just say though that I really think Insanity is for someone who is already pretty fit.  I wasn’t in perfect shape before starting but I already had a very good cardio base and I was decently strong (in my legs anyway).  I really struggled with the upper body stuff but saw huge gains there.  You could definitely modify month 1 if you aren’t in as good of a shape as they expect but month 2 would be much harder to modify just because the moves are complicated.  If you are a beginner or have physical restrictions, this workout is probably not for you.  If you are in moderately decent shape, then go ahead and try it.  If you can follow along enough, you will definitely see an improvement!


Fit Test
InsanityFitTestFinalMy results from the fit test were amazing.  I compared my numbers between the very first time I did it and my fit test yesterday and just look at the difference!  Some of the numbers, I more than doubled!  So obviously I was building strength and endurance here.  I was especially happy with my “turnover” which will make me faster for running (how quickly you can do the moves with good form).

Non-Scale Victory
Another kind of result I had was a major milestone for me.  On Saturday, randomly, I tried doing the chaturanga pose and I successfully did it!  And held it long enough for Rob to come look!  I have never had any upper body strength so this was huge for me.  It was always a goal of mine to be able to do it so I am super happy!  It was all those push ups in month 2!chaturanga

Finally, I have no weight loss or body fat loss to report.  Rob still has the scale at work so I don’t know if my weight has changed but my body fat inchescalculator is still reporting approximately 30%.  Also, my jeans are pretty much fitting the same and my measurements haven’t changed.  Bummer.  The fitness gains have been great but I think every girl wants to not only be fit but look fit (and before you jump on the nutrition attack, I wrote a blog about what I’ve been eating).  But I won’t let it burst my bubble!  The weight will go back down eventually.  I was just hoping Insanity would do the trick Annoyed

So that’s it!  Any questions you have about the program?  I’m not an expert but I can at least give you my honest opinion!

6 thoughts on “Insanity Review: Month 2 & Final Results

  1. This is all great stuff! It sounds as if you went at it hard and achieved what’s expected (maybe not what you dreamt of but what could be expected…and better!).

    I’m impressed!

  2. WOW! those numbers are impressive!!! You definitely were kicking major butt! Way to go girl , and way to stay with it!!!!

  3. That’s so funny that you posted about the yoga pose. It was my goal to be able to do that too, and I randomly tried to show my boyfriend, and I did it!!! I started screaming! A d that was at the end of month one! Just started month two so I know I’ll be even better soon!

  4. Why do you think you haven’t lost weight? I lost ten pounds in the first month. Just finished the recovery week and about to start month 2. I’m nervous and excited .

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