Insanity: Week 1 Review

Insanity: Week 1 Review

InsanityI have always thought that Insanity was more than just cardio from what I had seen but, seeing as I had never done it before, I couldn’t argue with those who kept telling me that it was nothing but cardio.  Well, now I am happy to tell you the “real story”! (aka my opinion)  Here are some observations and tips after my first week on the program:

1.   Cardio is a Huge Factor

Obviously, Insanity is very heavy on the cardio.  The workouts are based around interval training so you go through times of high intensity and then low intensity.  You are always encouraged to take breaks if you need them though.  People will a high cardio base will do well with this aspect of the workouts.

2.   Strength is Important

A lot of people say Insanity is “just cardio” but it is not.  There is a lot of jumping, squatting, and even push ups.  Some of the moves require serious strength in muscles you probably don’t use very often.  Just do the best you can and Shaun T emphasizes not to sacrifice form.  Modifications of moves are usually not possible so just do as many as you can before taking a break.

3.   It is Intense

Now, I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying this but I feel like if I was any less fit than I am now, I would have been frustrated (but that is my personality). The cardio is intense but I am ok because I have been running for 3 years. The strength I struggle with more but I am happy with the amount of exercises I can perform. No matter your fitness level, you can always take a break, take a second to breathe or maybe relax you muscles and you will still see great results from this workout program!

4.   Make it Through Week 1

On day 3, my calves hurt like crazy.  By day 5, I wanted to take a rest day!  But I just kept pushing through the workouts and it was never really so bad.  I never hurt for more than a day and when I was tired, once I started moving, I did ok.  At first, 6 straight days of Insanity doesn’t sound pleasant but by the end of the week, you realize it wasn’t that bad and you can totally do it.

5.   You Will Love It

At least I do!  Shaun T is very positive and encouraging in the videos which makes the torture maybe slightly ok.  The way the workouts are laid out also make them not seem so bad as the minutes tick down to the next move or the next segment.  It doesn’t seem like you’ve been going that long with the way its broken up.  I never really glance at my watch like I do with other workout DVDs.  Besides, I know what this workout is going to do for my fitness, strength, cardio, and abs (hey, a girl can dream!) so that keeps me pushing through the whole workout!

I just finished today’s workout and I am tiiiired!  I think its because I ate like crap again yesterday.  I was suckered in at Dunkin Donuts with the free iced coffee.  Then I felt bad for not buying something else so I got a muffin.  I know they are loaded in calories and sugar!  What was I thinking?!  I would have been better off with a donut.  Ah well, today is a new day!  This week is going to be crazy so I apologize now if I fall off the face of the Earth for a few days.  On that note, its time to clean up and get my day started!!

April Fools Half Marathon LogoSide note, I am running the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day 7K this coming weekend!  (Ah, runner’s humor.)  It is my friend Callista’s first race since having a baby.  I haven’t run since the half last week and I don’t plan to run between now and then either.  Should be interesting!

7 thoughts on “Insanity: Week 1 Review

  1. I wouldn’t call that strength training because we’re not doing movements (including specific weights moved slowly to tear down and to build up muscle. You’re using those kinds of movements (in a ballistic way!) to butt into vo2max and anaerobic levels…

    I’m not a medical professional, so call me crazy but from everything I’ve learned when doing Insanity, before/ after, we’re working on the biochemistry of your body here above everything else.

    I found this book which will more accurately express what I’m trying to say about it, although it’s not a book I read previously.

    With your scientific mind, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it (if you haven’t already read it).

    And if I’ve been wrong about it all, please enlighten me!

    1. I agree, its not exactly strength training but its not like I’m not sore the next day either. It is more muscle endurance I guess. And because I am not strong enough, I struggle with some of the moves but I know in the end, I will be able to do those. But whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t do V Push Ups!
      PS. Thanks for the book link, I will check it out!

  2. Good for you for doing week 1! I know I keep saying it, but I really need to get back to my P90X. No Insanity for this girl…give me my Tony! 🙂

    1. I love Shaun T so much better than Tony! (sorry, lol). But I was thinking about incorporating both P90X and Insanity into my marathon training (I have both). Suggestions?

      1. I have a friend (who IS NOT a runner…imagine that…!) and he does one round of Insanity, then when done, does P90X, or the new P90X whatever that one is called….He says that he notices a difference each time that his P90X gets better after doing Insanity, and vice versa. A few times, he’s mixed it up, so instead of doing the “cardio” day of P90X, he’s done an Insanity workout instead. I’ve never tried Insanity, so I can’t compare personally…I would agree that if you add some P90X into marathon training it will help. For myself, I do the lighter weights, more reps, but really work hard at the body weight ones to get the most reps I can….it made my running much faster and stronger.

  3. sounds like a great race!~ my next is a half marathon, not ready at all 🙁
    and I agree w/ tiffany, I need to get back to P90X. I dont have insanity, but it looks like a great workout!

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