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It’s DVDs For Me!

There has been this black whole where my Insanity workouts once were.  My calendar looks so empty!  So you know me, I need a plan.  I have some runs scheduled but nothing else concrete.  I need to figure out my strength and cross training for the marathon training so I guess this is the perfect time!  I tried yesterday doing the strength training from JW’s book This is Why You’re Fat but I just don’t self motivate enough for that.  I decided I needed to do my DVDs instead because I need someone just telling me what to do!

As you can see, I have quite the collection.  I have a few more at home in NJ too!  And don’t forget about Insanity, P90X, and Hip Hop Abs!  So this next month is going to be about testing the waters for marathon training (which starts July 3rd officially).  I need to figure out a good cross training and strength training routine and I need to get used to doing interval and tempo runs.  So basically, expect a lot of DVD reviews coming up while I nail down my new workout routine!

Yesterday, I decided I should give a little jog a try and it wasn’t the best.  My workout summary is:

  • 1.58 Miles (ish) at about an 11 -11:30 min/mile
  • 1 Set of 1 Circuit of JW’s strength workout
  • Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga Abs (15 minutes)

Let me tell you, that yoga DVD really kicked my butt.  I actually plan on using that quite a bit this summer to keep the ab strength up!  So anyway, not a great calorie burning workout but it was something.  Today was much better but you’ll see that later in a DVD review 🙂

Finally, I slept like crap last night!  I am in like a permanent zombie state.  I don’t feel tired really but my mind is totally blank most of the time or unable to concentrate.  I am really looking forward to this weekend ahead.  Even if I do work from my couch, it will hopefully let me de-stress a little.  Lots of parties booked but hopefully I’ll have enough home time to help me relax.  I mean, just look at my sleep chart from last night.  Seriously, this needs to stop.

Well, time to get my day started!  This morning seemed to take forever after my little hour and a half extra sleep (my alarm went off at 6 but I turned it off and got the best sleep I had gotten all night, totally worth it!  Look at all that blue at the end!).  I’ll be posting a review of the DVD I did this morning sometime today.  Keep an eye out for it because there is going to be a surprise!!

2 comments to It’s DVDs For Me!

  • kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    love your dvd collection! I need to dust mine off (and by that, I mean get them out of the box I packed them in for the move haha)
    And bob harper- love him! do you like his dvds?

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