January Wrap Up

Wow I missed  a whole week of blogging!  Let’s do lots of pictures and less text today.

2016-01-25 12.01.49

Monday: Digging my sister out of her house

2016-01-25 12.56.01

Michele’s first time at Chipotle!

2016-01-25 14.16.16

Clothes shopping!  How do I look? Winking smile

2016-01-26 09.20.25

Kitty Prison

2016-01-26 12.57.17

Spent most of Tuesday afternoon carrying this little cutie around!

2016-01-27 16.04.40

My treadmill needed some house cleaning.  Empty boxes for moving were taking over.

2016-01-28 13.50.11

All cleaned off!  I started my Walk to Mordor on Thursday.  It is going to be a long journey.

2016-01-30 18.59.59

A friend’s 40th Birthday celebrations.   Started at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill at Caesar’s Atlantic City

2016-01-30 21.00.352016-01-30 21.22.572016-01-30 21.20.572016-01-30 21.20.52

I think the appetizers were better than the main course.  All the food was good though.

 2016-01-30 22.00.56

If you ever go here, order the Toffee Pudding for dessert.  O.M.G.

2016-01-31 10.58.20

Bridal shower Sunday morning for a relative.

2016-01-31 19.14.48

I also had a Baby Sprinkle but I wasn’t feel well so I went home to rest instead.  It was for the best.

2016-02-01 09.58.52

This morning was Bullpen.  I was sluggish, tight, and slow.  I’ve been eating pretty terrible, aside from going out with friends and at parties.  I just haven’t felt the urge to cook lately and have been making shortcuts.  The next 2 weeks, my goal is to cook almost all of my meals.  I went grocery shopping after the gym to stock up.

2016-02-01 12.57.56

I got all of this for $21.75 at the Produce Junction.  Can’t beat their prices!

2016-02-01 13.04.30

Frozen veggies were on sale for 88 cents at Shop Rite today!  I didn’t really need them but they are great to have in case of emergencies (or laziness).

2016-02-01 13.06.03

And chicken was $1.99 per pound!! I plan on freezing most of it for later.
Eggs and cheese for breakfast every day.

In total, I only spent $50.37 on groceries today.  Supplemented with what we have in the freezer and in the pantry, this will hopefully be enough for the next 2 weeks.  We have some sausage, fish, and shrimp frozen also (plus more veggies).  I forgot to put it in the picture but I also bought pie crust mix for chicken pot pie.  I have never made pot pie so it will be an interesting task!  That will probably be dinner tomorrow night.  If you have an easy recipe, leave a link!

The only fitness plans I have for this week are Bullpen workouts (MWF) and walking daily.  I need to figure out 3 more workouts for the week (TThSat).  I can’t decide which workouts to do.  Lifting?  Running?  Yoga?  I think maybe Saturday should be yoga to round out the week.  I am sure I am overthinking my “other” workouts and should just do whatever I feel like.  It was so easy when I ran before.  Every other day was running and in between was lifting.  That’s it!

Well, that’s it for today.  This week should be much quieter than last so I should be checking in more!  Have a great Monday!

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