July Goals: First Third

July Goals: First Third

New month, new chart!  These goals were supposed to start on the 1st and I’m sticking with that, even though that means I missed a day already!  Here they are:

  Drink my water  (10 times)
  Track my food  (10 times)
  Do yoga every day (8 times)
  Run 4 times
  Strength train 3 times

I already missed a day of drinking my water and a day of tracking.  I am still trying to be mostly-Paleo also but I make my goals according to what I feel is needed the most right now.  As you can see, I am putting an emphasis on workouts but I don’t want to slack off on the food so I am requiring that I track my food too!  Here is the new chart I made.  I also made a new excel file that is much easier to work on but it is only set up for you to track 10 days at a time.  As always, if you’d like a copy, send me a private message or email me at chickenscoopgirl@gmail.com.

I still haven’t done my long run this week yet.  I was going to go this morning but I slept so great, I was savoring it (aka sleeping in and slacking off).  I figured out what was missing, making me sleep so badly.  Rob!  I think that’s the answer to my problems.  Too bad he can’t be around every night 🙁  I have to get it in tonight or tomorrow morning if I want to do another long run this weekend.  They are only 7 and 8 miles right now so its not so bad. If they were double digits, I wouldn’t be trying to cram them in so close together!  Scary that I consider 8 miles a shorter run now.  That is a long way from 3 years ago when I was doing Couch to 5K!

I’m not sure how I feel about doing 10 day goals but I’m giving it a go.  Its a nice number, not too long, not too short but it doesn’t line up with the calendar at all!  It runs until next Tuesday this time, so what if I move my workouts around?  I might miss a run or a strength training workout.  We will see how this goes!  It is nice to have a shorter time span to worry about goals though!

Do you have any goals for this week?  Do you like making short term or long term goals better?

I have long term goals but the short term goals get me there.  For example, I can’t run that marathon in October without doing a couple runs each week leading up to it.  But typically, I don’t usually make long term ones.  I like going with the flow and putting solid plans on paper for months from now is not my thing.  Who knows what could happen between now and then!

4 thoughts on “July Goals: First Third

  1. YEA JULY GOALS!!! can you believe its july already?!?! I can’t!
    I was just thinking how 7miles was just “oh yea I did 7miles. no biggie” Im still DREADING the 20 mile week, and that isn’t for awhile!!!

    1. I’m dreading the 20 miles because where the hell am I supposed to run it?! Yeah, I could run in circles but that would be extremely boring for 4 hours!

  2. I do better (feels like) with short term goals but I also get frustrated with them. I tend to hit long-term goals oddly if they’re open-ended (not a due date) BETTER.

    I guess I don’t really like “goals.” Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

    One thing that I’ve done BADLY on lately is I didn’t track about 3 days last week AND I ate way over the past couple of days (with tracking again). It’s so hot and I’m so miserable I’m falling back on “comfort-eating.” And I don’t comfort eat on raw cauliflower. It’s gluten-free toast with Earth Balance spread. BOOOOOOO! And then? My guts aren’t happy, so I’m physically feeling worse. Dumb.

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