July Restart

July Restart

Hello everyone!  So, I’m feeling super drained today.  I know it is almost completely due to my crappy eating this weekend.  Rob and I hardly cooked!  The storm over a week ago really threw us off our game and it was hard getting back into things.  This morning, I haven’t started off right either with a Starbucks Protein Box (which includes cheese, peanut butter, and a roll – all non Paleo – among other things) and leftover pizza for lunch.  With all those grains, I’ve set myself for a nice sleepy, cranky, groggy afternoon.  Will I ever learn?

Today’s plan is to get my long run in.  It got thwarted this weekend with a run in too-Hot weather with a bratty Garmin that decided to go dead and an Android phone that wouldn’t keep signal.  I made it about 4 miles before calling it a day.  That means 7-8 miles need to be done today.  Problem is that I have no idea where I should run it!  It will be during peak-traffic hours so my normal morning routes are out.

My 10 day goals that I set up at the beginning of July are totally shot also.  I have to be excited about my goals and ready to tackle them, and I was neither of those things last week.  I’m really not feeling it this week either but here are some things I want to do:

  1. Get back to not eating grains or dairy most of the time.
  2. Do both of my long runs by the end of the weekend.
  3. Work out 5-6 days this week.

So that’s it!  I just need to get back into a routine.  I kind of knew this would happen after finishing Insanity.  It was so easy when you knew your exact workout for the day!  I need to plan them ahead better and not make excuses for skipping workouts.  Also, today starts my fitness challenge that I joined.  I can do up to 2 hours of high intensity workouts to count toward the challenge.  I can’t do that every day but I can shoot for something!  Now, its time to rock this week!

5 thoughts on “July Restart

  1. Sorry about the tech troubles, too. SO ANNOYING!

    I got short-changed on my Nike+ cos I sat it down on the tmill instead of carried? So, it didn’t register for I dunno…10/15 minutes ;p I’m not exactly tracking mileage, so it’s no biggie but I AM a stats girl!

    Dairy (usually) is so easy for me to avoid (not counting TOM-coinciding ice cream) — oh, and that platter of sharp cheddar I eat with summer sausage and don’t think I’m exaggerating. I’m a binge-eater where some people related to me are binge-drinkers. It’s my drug. Darn it!

    So…Restart on July: GO!

  2. Love that quote! I might have to borrow it…
    Start fresh. That’s the way to go. Don’t look back..just ahead to what you can do this week.

  3. sounds like you had a few rough days. But today is a new day! Take little baby steps- you can do it!!

  4. Your Garmin died or it was out of battery? It’s almost brand new… I hope it didn’t die… we always forget to charge ours when we run. Then it’s nice and charged when we don’t have the time to get out there. Ironic isn’t it?

    1. It ran out of battery. I *thought* that Garmin would have updated the new one before they sent it to me but they didn’t. It has a bug where it doesn’t read out the correct battery life (I have the 405CX). I updated it last night to fix that problem. On Saturday, it told me 20% battery before it turned off! I’ve gotten into the habit of turning the GPS off now which helps battery life too! A friend taught me that!

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