June 2016 Goals

So many blogs to post!  I took photos all week for another What I Ate Wednesday post but I have more important things to discuss!

First, I want to mention that my dad graduated from Seminary school over the weekend!  So proud of him.


We drove out to a monastery in Canaan, Pennsylvania for the ceremony.  It was a really nice time.

Now, on to health stuff.  Seeing as it is the first of the month, its time for some goals!  I don’t always make monthly goals but the feeling struck me this month so here they are.


100 Ounces of Water Daily

I have been slacking off on my water lately.  I’ve been doing okay but its usually all crammed in late in the day.  I want to push myself to do better.

Exercise 3 Times Per Week

3 sounds like such a small number but its bigger than what I’ve been doing!  To me, 3 times per week is the bare minimum.  I can’t go from zero to 60 right off the bat so I’m shooting for baby steps here.

20 Days Under 1700 Calories

This goal is doubled edged.  It makes me track my calories and makes me limit myself.  1700 is a reasonable number for me, high enough to keep me happy but low enough to start getting the weight off!

6000 Steps Per Day

Not only do I want to exercise more, I just want to move more as well.  6000 is really not that many steps.  Hitting 10,000 is really tough.  This is another baby step goal.  Something doable but I still have to make effort to make it happen.

And that’s it!  Keeping it simple this month.  Basically, move more and watch what I eat.  It is that simple.  Health doesn’t have to be complicated at all.  Well, that’s it for today!  It is a busy week, I’m working late most days and Rob and I have a wedding to attend this weekend!  Happy Wednesday!

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