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Hey everyone!  I have a quick break but can’t take too long because things are CRAZY right now!  You might have noticed my lack of blogging lately and that is because school is just too insane to take the time away from my work.  I wanted to just stop in and say hello though! 

Obviously I have lots of school work happening but I’m also applying for residencies which will determine by future for the next 2 years.  Everything is due December 1 so I will have more time after that.  Finals will start a week later and I only have 2 real classes but I also have a bunch of stuff to prepare for my research project.  I will have a real winter break though for 4 weeks!! 

PhillyMarathonRegistSome fitness stuff on the agenda… The Philadelphia Half Marathon is this weekend!  I will admit that maaaybe it wasn’t the best idea to sign up for this.  I was all ambitious back in June when I decided I would do it.  Things just fell apart midway through this semester besides the fact that I wasn’t very excited all summer about running in the heat.  So the short story is that I am not ready for 13.1 miles but I think I can finish in the 3:30 cut off time.  I plan on doing a 3/2 run/walk repeat.  I just want to finish!

So what about after the race?  Well, I have some plans.  Some crazy plans.  Some plans I don’t want to share with you all because you might think I’m crazier than I already am.  Well, I know most people who read this already think I’m nuts for taking on so many things at once.  But hey, nothing is going to change about that any time soon Winking smile 

You might think I would learn though from the lack of Philly Half Marathon training that maybe I need to back it off a bit but that’s not how I roll.  Yeah, I didn’t properly train.  I know I can run about 2/3 of this race which isn’t exactly great.  I’m also painfully slow but I still do it.  I just can’t sit back and not make plans though.  I know that if I stop making plans and goals that I will just stop working out altogether. 

It was easier when I first started getting into health and fitness a few years ago because I was working a normal day job 7-3:30.  When I got home, I had all the evening time to do what I liked.  I ran, biked, went to the gym, played tennis with the hubby, cooked healthy dinners, etc.  That was the life!  Now when I get home, I still have homework, studying, research.  It is never ending.  Free time is hard to come by.  So I have to plan even more now in order to stay healthy and succeed. 

The crazy goals I make and the races I sign up for are not about the glory of doing it or about any kind of bucket list.  I use them to remind myself to take care of myself.  Okay, so I don’t always train like I should, but the race on my calendar acts as a constant reminder to go for a run now and then.  To eat a little better.  I pick up some weights once in a while.  My goal isn’t to be perfect, it is to be healthy, and every little bit helps.

So basically, I’m not going to stop making crazy plans and signing up for races.  I also promise not to complain about it one bit when I don’t train for a race or skip a workout.  Maybe I’m not the epitome of the perfect road racer, following the schedule to a T, but I do try to at least be safe.  I wouldn’t do the race this weekend if I thought I would hurt myself.  I know I can finish, even with lots of walking.  If that is what it takes, that is what I will do.  So please forgive me for not being perfect and bear with me in the future as I continue to take on grand plans that don’t always pan out.  I’m always trying and that keeps me healthier than if I just gave up!

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  1. Life is all about changing plans! You have so much on your plate, and yet you still go for a run and race in a half marathon! I am so impressed with how you handle everything that you have going on! Can’t wait to hear about the new wild plans 🙂

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