Labor Day Craziness

Labor Day Craziness

Heyo!  Another busy weekend around here.  Friday night, Rob and I went to a social in Philly to meet the other grad students in my new program.  We planned to ride the train but missed it because of a stop at Starbucks.  It took almost 25 minutes for us to get our drinks and it wasn’t even that busy!!  We just drove out instead and it was a nice night to walk around a bit with Rob and show him where I spend my days now.

Saturday, we had two events to do to.  A Labor Day Barbecue and Lauren’s Baby Gender Reveal Party.  Lauren and Joe are having a boy!


Sunday was pretty uneventful during the day, but we went out that night with friends from out of town so that was 3 nights out in one weekend!  Crazy for us! 

And because we can’t sit still, we went to the Renaissance Faire again in Lancaster.  I love going to the fair and had a great time just walking around with Rob.  We talked to lots of people this time (my British corset seemed to be a conversation starter) and just had a nice relaxing day.


Health & Fitness

Well, my foot is tired and sore.  It is also feeling very weak lately so it makes it tough to just walk sometimes.  I’m taking it easy though and nothing new is happening.

I now have a killer cold/allergies (I don’t know what it is) that is making life lots of fun.  The coughing is the worst part for me and I’m not sleeping at all. 

Needless to say, I’m not going to be doing much working out this week due to both the foot problem and now this chest cold happening.  I really just want to be healthy again and able to hit the gym like I used to!  I can’t remember when I could exercise without any issues (actually, it was probably January of last year!!).  I just really miss feeling “normal” I guess. 

In the meantime, I’m trying to cook and eat as healthy as I can while I’m running about.  It has been pretty easy so far, as long as I plan ahead.  Before bed last night, we threw together a quick beef stew in the crock pot and it was ready for me this morning!  I always forget that you can in fact cook things over night in the slow cooker.

That’s pretty much it for today.  I’ll try to have more exciting stuff to talk about later in the week.  Things are just all about school right now and not much else!

Did you do anything fun this weekend for Labor Day?

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Craziness

  1. Good thinking on the overnight crockpot! I might have to use that sometime! I’ve put things in the crock at night, then put it in the fridge to get cooked in the morning…never thought to do it overnight to use as a lunch!

    Glad you had a busy/fun weekend…now it’s time to focus on school… 😉

      1. nice breakfast! I had sauteed eggplant w/onion and okra leftovers with an avocado stuffed burger for breakfast this morning! It was amazing, especially after the gym!

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