Life Coming Together

Oh the craziness.  I just have to say I am SO glad I batch-cooked on Sunday because I definitely would have been eating fast food this week.  Look at the deliciousness I’ve been having:



  • Bottom right is meatloaf I made with just the meatloaf mix, chopped carrots, spices, 1 egg, and coconut flour.  Store bought ketchup on top.
  • Bottom left is Mango salsa (mango, red pepper, red onions, cilantro, lime juice) with chicken over spinach.
  • The top picture is mostly leftovers from eating out over the weekend.  “Grilled oatmeal” with strawberries and then I mixed leftovers from my breakfast “skillet” with more fresh veggies and 2 eggs.

Seriously, having all this pre-made food saved my diet this week.  There is something to be said for a little bit of Meal Planning.  I should really do it more often!

As for fitness, things are still a bit stagnant.  Monday was totally shot due to the travel and other things.  Last night, I didn’t stop working until about 8 PM, only an hour before bed time.  Today is looking much the same.  Ah, the life of a graduate student.

So I know I mentioned getting into a new graduate school for next year, but I don’t think I mentioned the benefits to my health and well being:

  1. I’ll be moving home from this school in May (but still working remotely all summer). – That means I will have more time to myself to workout, meal plan, hang out with my husband, etc.  Yay!
  2. The new grad school is an easy 70 minute train ride from my house (verses the 2 hour drive now).  That’s 70 minutes (times 2) I can use to study, work on blogs, read, whatever!
  3. It is only 2 days a week of classes plus a day or two extra for seminars and/or work.

So as of May, it should be a lot easier to squeeze in workouts.  I just have to make it until then!  Speaking of being busy, its time for me to be off to do work.  Have a happy Wednesday!

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