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Lifting for Weight Loss

Today is a complicated topic so I’m sorry if this is piece-y but I want to cover all my bases so I’ll break it up into topics.

BodyPumpI want to be comfortable in my body.

To me, this means losing inches, body fat, etc.  I will probably eventually lose weight also because 170lbs of lean body mass would just be crazy on my 5’5 frame.  So when I say “lose weight” I really mean getting comfortable with my body.  This isn’t a confidence thing – I’m perfectly happy.  I just know I have too much fat on my body – unhealthy levels – and that makes me uncomfortable.  It just drives me crazy when you say “lose weight” and people jump on that one little word and go off on tangents about how you should lose fat instead.  Yes, I know.

I love to lift weights.

This is something that I’ve been fascinated with since my first Body Pump class.  That got me started and while I love the classes, I have a desire to get stronger and lift more, which the classes won’t help me do.  It is all high rep, low weight while I’d rather do heavier weights for less reps (which also conveniently makes you stronger!).

Conventional wisdom tells me to do cardio.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people have been discovering lately that “chronic cardio” is not the best way to burn fat and lose weight/inches.  Like I said, I’ve always liked lifting but I also enjoy running so I did a lot of distance running and endurance lifting (high rep, low weight).  It is really hard for me to unlearn that this is how you lose weight.  While there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t mean it is the only way to lose weight.  In my head, I know it is the wrong way for me and that I should lift more and do interval training rather than lots of long, slow cardio.  It is still hard to break habits, right?


I reached out and got bad advice.

A few months ago, I reached out to a fitness professional that I trusted when she asked for questions on her Facebook page.  I told her I had a lot of body fat to lose and asked if she had any suggestions about using lifting to burn fat and lose inches.  You know what she told me?  To forget about lifting and do just cardio until I was down to the right amount of body fat.  Probably the worst advice I have ever gotten from a fitness professional.  It really annoyed me but also burst my bubble a bit.


I found a support group.

I finally decided, since my ankle hurt after my run last week, that lifting is definitely the way to go.  Something I knew for myself all along.  So I reached out to a group I knew would be able to help.  I posted on the forum page last night and woke up to amazing support and suggestions.  Seriously, AMAZING group of women who are all lifters and understand where I come from.  I even got a few women who showed me their before/after photos from using only lifting to drop inches.


So what does this all boil down to?  That for the next 6 weeks, I am going to commit to doing more lifting than cardio.  Cardio has its place and definitely is beneficial so I will definitely be incorporating it but it is not going to be my focus.  It will probably be more HIIT than continuous cardio too.  (Of course, I do love running and as soon as the cool weather hits, I’m sure the blacktop will be calling!!)  I have to figure out a training plan but it starts Monday, no matter what.

Secondly, I am going to eat as Paleo as I possibly can (with some cheats for special occasions).  I have been eating Paleo for the last few days and I already can see and feel the bloat that is practically gone.  Rob and I were just eating out and eating poorly way too often.  I feel so much better right now, it is definitely motivation to stick with it!  (Full disclosure: I’m going to the boardwalk tonight where I will eat any treats I want and non of them are Paleo – special occasion thing.)

Today, I hit the gym and tried my first cardio/lifting workout and let me tell you, it was so fun!  I want to hammer out a good routine and then I’ll share the workout but it definitely felt good to break a sweat without pounding my foot into the ground.  Once I figure out my routine for the 6 weeks, I’ll share it with you guys here!  Let’s do this!

What types of workouts do you prefer to do?

You guys know I like to run but its been too hard on my body lately and I know I can do better if I find a workout that doesn’t leave me dead for a whole week.  Since lifting is second favorite, I might as well fall back on it!

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