Local Eats: Atlantic City Country Club

20130308_125226Up next on the Atlantic City Restaurant Week reviews is the Atlantic City Country Club.  This is located not too far from my house.  I wanted to meet my sister for lunch but she had to work so we wanted to choose someplace on the mainland (verses in Atlantic City itself) so she didn’t have as far to drive.

We went here last year and I pretty much had the same experience – very pleasant but nothing too remarkable.  The dining room has a nice, warm, cozy feeling to it, more like a fancy pub (I believe they call it a “bar & grill” so that makes sense).


All of my photos are a little washed out because it amazingly snowed that day!  It didn’t last long but it was super bright for lunch.


The dining room overlooks the golf course so there is a beautiful view if you can sit near the windows.  Since we were the first sitting, we nabbed our favorite spot!  When the sky is clear, you can see Atlantic City over the bay.  Very pretty!  And check it out, I took pictures of people!  My sister Michele and I!


To start out, we each ordered coffee because it just smelled so good when we walked in.  It did not disappoint and they served the cream in the cutest little metal pitcher ever.  They were lucky I’m not clepto because I wanted it!  I also snapped a picture of the menu if you were curious what the options were (click to enlarge).


Ok, enough babbling.  Finally, the food!  We both ordered the Mini Crab au Gratin which was served over little toasted rolls… and a prawn!  Michele had eaten lunch here earlier in the week and she did not get the last time.  Special treat?  Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t eat him because I didn’t know how.  LoL!


For entrees, I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie and my sister got the Pulled Pork sandwich.  The Pot Pie was very good, especially the seasoning, and not too creamy.  The pastry was very light and fluffy.  Michele’s pulled pork though was the clear winner.  It came with shoe string fries and homemade catsup with a side of fruit coleslaw.  Yum!


Finally for dessert, there was only a single choice of White Chocolate Malted Banana Cream Pie.  Oh. My. Goodness.  So first, the picture on the left is one my sister took at her first time there and the right was ours.  Um, a little melty.  LoL!  It was absolutely amazing though!  I might have to go back just for dessert!


So overall, I give the Atlantic City Country Club two thumbs up.  I don’t know how expensive it is on a normal day as I have never eaten there outside of AC restaurant week!  It is definitely a nicer place to sit down and have a fancy lunch.  I’m sure dinner is just as good.  Not bad for a lunch out!

Atlantic City Country Club
900 Shore Road
Northfield, NJ 08225
(609) 236-4400

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