Long Days Ahead

Long Days Ahead

Good morning everyone!  I was entirely too busy yesterday to be writing a blog.  Did you miss me??  Haha.  I just had school and homework all day!  I actually would have had time at school since both my classes were canceled again!  But I didn’t bring my laptop (lesson learned?).  And I can’t say I got any work done really at school either.  I had to hang around all day to make sure the afternoon class was canceled.  Then I headed home to Rob, ate dinner, and got cracking.  Got a lot done and good thing since its due today!

Anyway!  What to say today…  How about I tell you about my scale again?  I know, lots of people say you shouldn’t use it but I don’t think that.  I think it is a good measure *sometimes*.  Like today.  I ate crappy all weekend and yesterday and was feeling frumpy this morning.  Let’s just say I did NOT like the number it showed me.  Just goes to show that I can’t eat whatever I want just because I ran this weekend (it does qualify me for 1 big splurge meal though!  But just 1 meal, not 1 week!). 

Yesterday I ran into some issues with nutrition.  I was tired.  I mean really, really tired driving home.  I made it a half hour from campus and decided I needed to get out of the car immediately.  I pulled into a Dunkin Donuts and got a pumpkin coffee AND a glazed donut.  Let me tell you though, that sugar carried me home.  Not the best choice health wise but it was brilliant when you need instant energy.  I was totally awake after like 20 minutes, singing along to the radio.  LoL.  On the bright side, I discovered this cute market with all locally grown fruits and veggies along with lots of spices, jarred items, etc.  They are only open until the last week of November.  I will have to stop again!  I got some “Pumpkin Butter” and can’t wait to try it!  I wonder if I could use it in place of the “J” on my PB&J.  Hm…

So after that horrible nutritional moment, it got worse!  It’s fall and one of the things I forgot on my Fall Love blog was Boo Berry Cereal.  My sister said she got some on her Facebook and I knew I was doomed from that moment.  I had actually forgotten about it when I was grocery shopping but then there was a huge end cap display at the store!  I grabbed a box and it was all down hill from there.  I’m not upset with myself though.  I have it once a year.  Usually, I don’t even finish eating the whole box.  So I’m content 🙂  But it really needs to be controlled so next time, I’m measuring 1 serving and that is all I’m having!  All about moderation 🙂

Exercise?  Well, i’ve accepted the fact that it won’t be happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I get up for work at 5:30 AM and get home from school at 8:30 PM.  Yep, not happening, so I need to make adjustments in my training schedule.  It is just hard to work around my long runs on the weekends!  I think Mondays and Wednesdays will be strength training days.  The only problem there is that I use those nights to get homework done.  Ugh, I need more hours in the day!  Or one of these:

I’m coordinated enough to take pictures while I run.  Do you think I can do Quantum Mechanics while I run???

That’s it for today.  Lots to do!  Still not done that homework!!  Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Long Days Ahead

  1. Boo Berry Cereal? I've never eaten it. I don't think I would like it…

    But I LOVE that treadmill desk!! That would be so cool!!

  2. YOU probably could run and do homework at the same time! My brain totally shuts down and I can't even add well enough to know how many more minutes till my next mile!!!! If there is a way for you to run while working, you'll figure it out… 😉

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