Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Yesterday was the first time out for my new pair of Brooks Pure Cadence sneakers!


I bought them back in March at the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon Expo.  They were recommended when I had them do my gait analysis.  This was their first run so I can’t do a complete review but they seemed to have a lot of padding for what is supposed to be Brooks’ new minimalist sneaker line.  These are the most “stable” of their Pure sneakers though, so perhaps that is why they felt too padded for me.  I can at least use them for short runs or speed work.  I think they’ll do ok for me though not optimal for long runs.  And I’m so upset, they come in purple now!  But I guess blue is cute too.

So I said I would check in daily with the goals I made myself yesterday.  Should I list them?  Talk about them?  How about a chart??  You guys know I love graphs and things!


Its kind of hard to see at the bottom there (it will be easier as I fill it in), but I met all of my goals yesterday!  Was it really that hard?  No.  Would I have chugged that last glass of water 5 minutes before bed if I didn’t have accountability partners?  No.  (By the way, if you would like this chart for yourself for the next few weeks, I can email it to you.  It is a Microsoft Excel file.  Just send me a private message on Spark People or email me at!)

The plan for today is to do running intervals on the treadmill later (supposed to storm here).  I also already have my meals planned for the day and put them on my Google calendar so I can’t forget!  The only tricky thing for me is that I need a replacement for my afternoon snack.  I’ve been eating Mojo bars and Kind bars.  I mean, they are healthy enough but not Paleo (one has rice crisps, the other peanuts).  Today, I’ll bring a banana with me so I’m fueled for my run.

On another note, I’ve started reading 2 new Paleo books I ordered online.  The first is Paleoista which I also got for my mom.  I got it because it seemed cute and had lots of recipes.  The second is The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  This one looked like it had a lot more information and was on the funny side.  I didn’t get The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain for some reason (the original book on Paleo) so maybe next time.  Of course, there will be book reviews to follow. 

Off to work!  Have a great day everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Oh my goodness! I love the color of the shoes. They’re so much better than the tomatoes I run in. I’m proud of you that you achieved your goals for yesterday. I always have lofty goals but never seem to follow thru. I like the idea of posting your accountability out here.
    I’ve thought about doing paleo, and yet at the same time thought of doing vegetarian. Ha, unfortunately the two don’t go hand in hand. My cousin swears by it. (and I trust him, he just advanced out of the California regional crossfit games). But, there’s just something holding me back. I like my carbs to much! Healthy carbs, but still carbs. I guess I’m torn beings I’ve also read “The China Study” , and “Forks over Knives”. To many choices I tell you…to many!

    1. It took me a while to take the leap too, it wasn’t over night! I’ve found now that my desire to eat carbs like bread are almost completely gone. Dairy is a bit harder. But in the end, I did it for my own personal health as I always had digestive problems, which are pretty much all gone now! And seeing as grains and beans cause a lot of those problems, there is no way I could go vegan/vegetarian and get enough protein.

      And I recently watch “Forks Over Knives” also and was very skeptical of it. They kept saying it was the meat in the diets but they never gave any proof. There could have been other factors such as other foods (processed stuff) or even lifestyle differences (amount of daily activity). I would have to read the study myself in order to believe it! Haven’t read the China Study though!!

  2. A coworker has those but only cos they’re “cute”–not for running comfort. They are “light-looking” in person. I’d have never guessed that they’re the most stable!

    I started on the original Paleo book but I tend to do that kind of thing. Compulsive!

  3. awesome job day 1!!! keep it up and I love the chart!!! and I really need to run outside…….how do I make this happen? haha

    1. I have the opposite problem! I love running outside but I know I do interval training better on the treadmill (controls my speed) but my Garmin doesn’t work inside and I hate the treadmill!

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