Mama Hens

Mama Hens

I mentioned the other day that we had some broody hens in our hen house who were trying to hatch eggs.  This means that they sit on the eggs all day only breaking to get up for food and water.  Every time we’ve gone in, they’ve been in the laying boxes.

I find it kind of funny that you can’t see any eggs under the brown hen but the black and white one has them popping out everywhere!  Well, Rob went in the hen house the other day and the white and black hen took a break to eat and he decided to peak in the box…

Minus the 2 fake decoy eggs (to teach the hens where to lay eggs), that is 20 eggs she is trying to hatch!  That means we’re going to have like 20 chicks in about 2 weeks!!!  ACK!  So this weekend, Rob has got to build a new hen house and clear out the rest of the chickens.  The other hens and roosters will kill the baby chicks but the mothers won’t touch them (or each other since they won’t know whose is whose, lol).  Exciting stuff for the Chicken Scoop!!!

PS.  Sorry for the blurry photos.  Rob used his phone when he had the chance to get a picture!  Work with what you’ve got!

One thought on “Mama Hens

  1. Very exciting! I wondered how you taught them where to lay…who knew there were decoy eggs!!!! You are going to have lots and lots of chickens = lots and lots of eggs! You'll have to put up an egg stand!! 😉

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