May 2012 Goals

May 2012 Goals

I’ve felt a little lack luster lately.  A little blah.  My workouts have felt sluggish and when I do have the energy, my ankle hurts.  I think that some of the things I ate over the weekend led to a sluggish feeling also.  On top of all that, I don’t feel like the amount of foods I have been eating has been all that bad (i.e. calories).  Between a decent diet and all this Insanity, you would think my body would change a bit but my jeans are still a bit tight and I still feel a bit frumpy.  Its time to get out of this slump!

So I’ve decided to make myself some goals for this month.  I already had them in mind and already started tracking some things so I figured why not make them official and share them with you all!


Goal 1:  Drink 8 glasses of water
This one I was doing great with and then I started backsliding.  Time to keep it in mind again!

Goal 2:  Workout 5 Days a Week
Insanity is 6 days a week but between being busy and the ankle, I usually do 5.  I need to make sure I stick with it when Insanity is over in 2 weeks!

Goal 3:  Track Food Daily
I think the biggest culprit in my lack of weight loss is my diet.  Although I track more days than not, I need to make sure I track even the bad days!

Goal 4:  -500 Calorie Differential
This one goes back to my trusted ol’ numbers way of weight loss.  Tracking my daily calorie differential (basically calories eaten – calories burned).  It worked in the past.  It will work again.  I will use my FitBit to tell me my calories burned and I need #3 for the calories eaten!

Goal 4:  Track Spending
Rob and I have actually been really good about not spending money but I want to start tracking again to see where its all going.  This generally makes me spend less too because I don’t want to admit it to my tracker!

Goal 5:  Get Organized
This semester was CRAZY!  And you can tell from my apartments.  I got the living area all spic and span last weekend at home but the bedroom there still needs work and let’s not even talk about the school apartment.  I’m not here on the weekends and I’m generally too busy or pooped at night to work on this place!  I started last night and want this place looking perfect by the end of the month!

So that’s it!  I am skipping the first 7 days since I didn’t truly track anything.  I will start officially tracking today!  Let’s fill this chart up!!


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