Monday Musings

Monday Musings

So, I just got back to my school routine and I’m wondering – what slob broke into my apartment while I was gone?! Oh right, that’s the way I left it…  Last semester was way too stressful for me to be worrying about little things like putting away clean laundry and dishes.  Now, its time for the clean up!  Of course, I’m stuck on campus for a few hours to get settled back in and get some work done so the cleaning fest will have to wait until tonight.

I’d talk about all the fun things Rob and I did this weekend but I have no pictures on me and they weren’t all that exciting really.  We:

  • Made Clarified Butter
  • Washed my Jeep
  • Stopped at Vitamin Shoppe 3 times
  • Watched football

See, exciting stuff!  Oh, and I’ve felt like I’m coming down with something but I can’t be sure.  I had a lot of dairy products this weekend and knowing my body, it could just be a reaction to that.  I’m off dairy the rest of the week and I’m taking immune-system-boosting supplements to help.  Hopefully this sniffle will be gone in a couple of days!

I also picked up some natural energy boosting supplements that the all-knowing employee pointed me toward.  I basically told him that I’ve been chronically stressed from school and that diet and exercise aren’t cutting it.  That I wanted something to just help me get over the burn-out hump. I picked up bottle of 5-Htp (5-Hydroxytryptophan) With Vitamin B6 to try and so far so good.  Like I said, they are supposed to naturally boost your energy, no caffeine or anything.  I figured it can’t hurt!

FitPlanNo very exciting news other than the supplements.  The plan for today is to follow my meal plan (eating packed lunch now and then having pork chops for dinner) and to work out.  I’ve finally decided on a workout plan!  I was going to use the new Fit Plan for Running book I got at Target which has a whole workout plan in it but then I decided I wanted to do kettlebells instead.  I don’t know why, I just like Kettlebells and I have Bob Harper’s 2 Inside Out Method DVDs using them.  I can still use the fitness journal to keep track though!  So the plan is:

  • Monday: Bob Harper Kettlebell Strength
  • Tuesday:  Interval Run
  • Wednesday:  Bob Harper Kettlebell Cardio
  • Thursday:  Tempo Run
  • Friday:  Yoga (probably Bob Harper again)
  • Saturday:  Long Run
  • Sunday: Rest

I just have to remind myself to make it through week 1!  And shoot for Sunday, the rest day!  Week 1 is always hard as your body adjusts to the new routine (i.e. you are sore as heck!).  Oh, and I also plan on walking every day at lunch, weather permitting.  I need to start working on those 1000 miles in 2013!

Do you keep a fitness journal?  What do you record in it?

I have a notebook I track my workouts in but never really kept a true fitness journal.  This one has questions too that I have to fill out each day about my workout which will be really helpful I think!

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Hope you feel better!

    If I’m lifting, I have to keep excellent records of how many reps per set with what wt, plus any drop sets or supersets. Otherwise, I track time and intensity — sometimes calorie burn if I’m wearing chest strap HRM.

  2. I keep track of my miles on my Garmin, and if I’m doing P90X I keep track in the log that goes with that. Otherwise, I don’t keep track of anything…I’m too lazy. When I did the little bit of CrossFit, I was keep track of the WOD and what I did on a phone app.

  3. I mainly use my journal as well as DailyMile to record my workouts and running. I hear you on the Whole30, I quit on my first try too and only decided to do a second one after reading It Starts with Food.

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