Mother Nature’s Fury

What a weekend!!  So, I didn’t exactly make eating perfect and working out my priority this weekend.  Rob and I live in the area that got slammed by the storm on Friday night.  It was the craziest thunderstorm I had ever seen!  It was like a strobe light outside!!  We lost power during the storm and its still not back on yet.  This storm caused more damage than that silly hurricane last September!  This is what most of South Jersey looks like right now:

We were resourceful for the weekend.  We used the grill to cook a lot.  Of course, my top priorities were coffee and a shower.  I have a gas stove and a french press so that was easy. We have well water so no electric = no water pump.  Luckily on Saturday, a friend still had power and we showered at his house and cooled off in the AC!

I decided I would head back to school on Sunday since I would need to shower and prep a bit more than usual (and school-are wasn’t affected by the storm). Sunday afternoon, Rob had finally had enough of the heat also and he came to school with me! That’s right, a whole week with my hubs!  I am excited about that, even if I have to work every day.  Wednesday is a holiday though so we’ll see what we do that day!

So as I was saying, I didn’t really care what I ate.  I ate what we had and could eat.  We had pizza a few times too so we didn’t have to cook (or open the defrosting freezer/refrigerator).  I didn’t snack much though for the same reason so even though I didn’t avoid my grains like I usually like to, I felt that I ate pretty ok considering the circumstances.  Of course, there was no long run this weekend.  With the temperature soaring in the 90s and no shower available, I was not about to go for a run.  I plan on running tomorrow morning before work.  Rob even packed running clothes to come with me!

On a side note, I am supposed to have new goals for July 1st-10th but I haven’t made them yet!  I am still going to make them starting yesterday because I like staying with the calendar.  I will write a blog later with the goals but check out this cute organizer I got to help me keep better track of my goals.  Love it!  I also started working on a calendar for my marathon training but its not done yet so no pictures.

That is it for today!  I hope everyone was ok during the storm.  There was a lot of damage in my area.  My sister’s house has a tree on/in it but she is fine!  I am just glad that my school apartment was ok.  I hope the cats aren’t too mad at us for leaving them in a hot apartment!!  (Don’t worry, my parents are keeping an eye on them)

4 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Fury

  1. No power here yet either. Glad you had a place to run to to beat the heat though! We hid out at Shane’s air conditioned store the past two days but he doesn’t work today so we’re going to have to get creative. On a side note – got my Beach Body workouts today…excited to try them when I get power again. 😉

    1. We hung out at the mall a bit yesterday to keep cool!
      And I got my DVDs too! I have to wait til next week to try them since Rob is here and I don’t think he wants to Rock his Body. LoL

  2. Best wishes to you and how NICE to have a place to escape to!

    I didn’t even track the past few days and that’s not my norm of a few months! It’s so hot (we’re not meant to even “hit” 100F–last year, we got 117 or so DAILY for a couple of months and this year we’re up over 100F, terrible droughts, forest fires, we sound like out west!).

    It’s hard to focus when you feel so miserable.

  3. I had NO idea you guys were having crazy storms! but I’m glad everyone is ok! How crazy mother nature can be sometimes. We had crazy storms here just a bit ago. Good luck on your run and getting those goals going! KEEP IT UP!

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