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Muddy Anticipation

Happy Friday!  I am only one day away from my very first Mud Run!! 


And I’m already not prepared.  I left some things in Delaware that I wanted to bring with me tomorrow.  Eek!  But I really don’t know what to pack so I’m asking for some help.  Here are some questions and concerns I have:

  • Do I really need goggles?  They say if you wear contacts, you should wear goggles.  I’m not sure about that one.  Can’t I just bring a spare pair?
  • Should I wear gloves?  I left my lifting gloves in DE but I have biking gloves I could wear that have padding/grip.  Should I bring them?
  • Should I bring water?  I am hoping that the course will have supplies for us.  It is 5 miles so plus the obstacles, I figure it will take us about 2 hours.
  • Should I bring Gu?  I can shove them in my shorts to carry, just in case I get low on blood sugar during the race.
  • Do I really need to tape my sneakers?  I heard that this is a good idea but I don’t wanna!  I plan on keeping my muddy sneakers (you can in fact wash them) and I don’t want them ruined from sticky duct tape.
  • What else?  I am missing anything?  Have you done a mud run and have any bit of advice for me??

One thing I am glad about is that this mud run seems pretty laid back.  They say you can skip any obstacle that you feel uncomfortable with.  That makes me happy.  I don’t mind watching Rob climb ropes and meet me on the other side!  LoL.  Some things I also plan on packing and leaving at bag check:

  • Spare contacts
  • Trash bag for muddy clothes
  • Dry, clean clothes and shoes
  • Towels
  • Camera?

That is pretty much it!  I really can’t wait for it!  So exciting!  Our start time is 10:30 which is kind of late so it will be hot but that is ok.  At least its not the noon wave!  And that leaves me time in the morning to eat breakfast and not be rushed (one thing I hate about 8AM road races – I always feel rushed/late!).  Of course there is the after party also which we plan on hanging out at for a while.  Then we have to get back home for Lauren’s Christmas in July party!  Jam packed weekend!

These pictures make me hopeful of not being *too* muddy:


These pictures do not:


And dear God don’t let this be me:


3 comments to Muddy Anticipation

  • Tiffany

    I’ve done a few mudruns and I’ve never worn nor needed goggles…I also don’t wear contacts. I have not taped my shoes either…I do make sure they are well laced and double knotted. I have thrown them away after, though.. I always wear my grass cutting sneaks – they are my running shoes that have turned into my regular shoes that have turned into my grass shoes, so they are pretty much dust by then anyway! Hubs has worn watershoes (he runs barefoot and didn’t want to be barefoot, but wanted some protection). In my experiences there has been water on the course (both that I did were over 6 miles) I didn’t need any gels – the pace is slower since there are obstacles so I didn’t feel like I expended that much more energy. The one was almost 8 miles and I was fine….I didn’t wear gloves, but did see some women with them….
    I haven’t really done anything different than any other race. I eat before, drink on the course, pack a change of clothes/shoes, bag for wet stuff, towel to try off after the outdoor shower/hose and eat/drink the goodies at the end (so far I’ve been were they have coconut water, apples,, water, beer..(can still eat paleo by skipping the bagel!)
    Just have fun, don’t sweat it…trust me, there will be MANY more folks there that will skip obstacles…it’s just a good time! I’d do one every weekend if I could!

    • Awesome! I feel so much better now. Really excited!! And this run is being catered by a barbecue place so there is going to be lots’o’meat at the end! Yeah!

  • While *I* didn’t do this, a friend did the Tough Mudder (farther and they electricute you and stuff along the way FUN! Erm, what?). That one is considered so rough they REQUIRE you to train with them and sign waivers and stuff…

    She didn’t do anything but TRAIN a lot. She wears contacts so I don’t know if she left them out but she did NOT wear goggles. She also didn’t take water or gelles or anything. They gave her a pint of beer at the end, though ;p

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