My Get Back to Normal Plan

My Get Back to Normal Plan

This remodel/move is killing me.  I haven’t run in over a week!  I have a half marathon in a month!!!!  This is seriously unacceptable but I have been super busy.  We are running on empty when it comes to sleep, I’m being fueled by take out and fast food.  I cannot wait to eat normal again.  Either tonight or tomorrow, I will be moved out of the parents’ house completely so my sister’s family can move in.  From then on, I will still have a lot to do but it can wait at that point.  I can unpack *after* my run, shower, and home cooked dinner.  Right now, there is no time for such frivolous things!  But you guys know me.  I need a plan.

I’ve gone through my workout calendar for the next month and revamped the mileage.  I have a feeling this half is going to hurt but I will deal with it!  I have another half in October so I can try and improve then.  That being done, I need to think about my diet and there are a few things I want to incorporate.

(1)  Less sugar
(2)  More veggies
(3)  More interesting lunches (PB&J won’t go with #1!)
(4)  More water

Sometime before Sunday, I am going to hit the produce outlet and/or the local farmer’s market.  I will get the following items:


I will buy these in bulk and figure out my week’s meals out of these items.  This is where I am asking for your help.  If you have any easy recipes using the above foods, please shoot them my way!  (The cantaloupe I will eat alone so you can leave that one out, haha).  I also saw dates at BJs last month.  I may go buy some and make my own larabars at home.  My budget is going to get very tight once I start school and I need to learn to make fancy items like those at home!  Anyway, this is about my restart plan! 

The Schedule:
Thursday:  Run (any mileage, just run!), clean out fridge, drink 8 glasses of water
Friday:  Easy cross training, cook dinner at home, take night off from moving (i.e. relax with husband)
Saturday:  Run/Walk 6 miles, cook breakfast at home, drink 8 glasses of water
Sunday:  Easy cross training, buy groceries
Rest of week:  follow running schedule, eat 3 home-prepared meals every day for the week, start cutting back coffee

These are all pretty simple goals, right?  I will have to print this out or write it in my organizer or something.  Some way to remember them!!!  I still have 2 days of moving craziness and then its all down hill from there (and then I start grad school and then marathon training!!!  Ha!  No rest for the weary!)  I am excited to get back into things.  I am actually getting sad that I haven’t had time to run.  I am happy about that though.  The “old me” say 3 years ago would have been happy to take a week off from workouts!  In the first paragraph I just realized I wrote that I can’t wait to “eat normal” again.  That is why this is called my “Get Back to Normal plan”.  Because being healthy and fit is my new normal!  That is me and I don’t feel like me right now!!!  Time to get to it!
 emoticon What summer themed recipes do you have for me using the ingredients above? emoticon
You can also use other summer ingredients that are in season right now that I might have forgotten (like peppers, squash, etc.)  And I really need help the most with the lunches.  I am trying to do more vegetarian lunches using beans, lentils and things as my protein.  Suggestions here would be great!  Oh and you can add in things like chicken, pork loin, ground beef/turkey, and fish.  I also have brown rice, quinoa, lentils, bulgur wheat, beans, etc.  Ah I can’t wait to start cooking again!  I love cooking!   I have a feeling next week is going to be full of food blogs…

PS. Remodel Update was boring for yesterday. We hooked up the cable and headed to Ikea. I had so much fun!!

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  1. Ahh, I have a half marathon in a month too, but I've just decided to run half of it and walk the rest [it's an out and back]. I'm okay with that, since I've got some other stuff happening in my life that I feel is more important =).

    I love your plans and know that you'll succeed [as always!]. Stay grounded =)

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