New Race on the Calendar!

I might have gone a little insane yesterday. I signed up for the Atlantic City Marathon Neptune Challenge – Run the AC 10K on Saturday, October 22 and then the AC Half Marathon on Sunday October 23!

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I’ve done this kind of race before (AC April Fool’s Day Jester’s Challenge 2015). I had a much better fitness base to work with then, but barely did any training for it. But it was a ton of fun! The reason I decided to do this crazy thing is because one of my friends, Callista, is doing the half, which I had talked to her about before. And my other friend, Emily, is doing the 10K. I couldn’t choose so obviously the best thing was to do BOTH. This time, I have a serious plan though.

In order to prepare, I got a new pair of running shoes! My old ones are from a few years ago.  While they seem to be in pretty good condition still, they recommend not keeping running shoes for more than 2-3 years.  Even if they *look* good, the materials start to break down after a while.  With my past foot problems, I am playing it safe!  I present to you the Brooks Ghost 8s:


I found them at DSW of all places! They carry some really nice sneakers (and then some lower grade every day ones too – gotta be careful). These felt AMAZING when I slipped my foot in and pranced around the store. Bonus is that they were marked down to and I had reward cash so I got $65 off the retail price!  WOOT!  The best part was these are the right sneakers for me:

emoticon Neutral build – has to do with how your foot hits the ground, I’m neutral.

emoticon Good for mid to high arches – like mine!

emoticon Higher drop of 12mm – Usually I like a low drop but have been having Achilles tenderness.  They recommend heel lifts for relief, so a higher drop it is!

emoticon Made for Road Running – perfect!

Well, that’s more than you ever needed to know about my running stride. I am very excited and have already been working on my training plan. I’m using Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon plan with some modifications for the double race weekend. All his plans are free on his website if you ever need one.  I’m excited for this new challenge!

5 thoughts on “New Race on the Calendar!

  1. how did you make out? I did the half yesterday. Im writing an article about it and googled King Neptune Challenge and came across this post. Im thinking I will do it next year!

    1. Congrats on finishing the half!! It was a rough race for me, I was just happy to finish. I just wasn’t totally trained for it this year. I will check out your article! If you decide to do the challenge, it is fun. I would definitely stick to the 5K though, especially if we have horrible weather like that again in 2017!!

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