New Year Newly Weds

The last few days have been a little crazy!  The weekend was spent basically bar hopping.  Friday was a friend’s birthday celebration, Saturday night was a rugby get together, Sunday was football at the bar, and Monday was New Year’s Eve!

Monday was the best because it was Lauren’s Wedding!  You guys here about Lauren quite a bit and she tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Joe on Monday night.  We had such a great time and am so happy for them!  Sadly, I didn’t get a good photo of Rob and I but here is a shot of my dress:


Lauren thought of every little thing for her wedding.  Joe spent the last few months making crafts.  Seriously, everything: personalized water bottles, door hanger, tissues for the ceremony, straws…


Of course, the bride looked amazing!


There was such cute touches for the wedding.  They passed around the rings before the ceremony to get warm wishes and happy thoughts from the guests.  Lauren whipped her iPhone out of her bra to read her vows.  Joe was the first to tear up (and it was so cute!).  They even played a little game during the reception with their shoes to see if they agreed on things (questions like “who is the better driver?”).  Rob was even a bad boy and used the ping pong balls from the center pieces to play beer pong.  Our whole table joined in and we even got Joe (the groom) to throw a few!


Anyway, not much else to say!  We really did have a blast.  We had a hotel room for the night too which was nice.  No driving and no cab!  It also helped in the morning celebrations where we met Joe and Lauren to do the Polar Bear plunge!  I’m a wuss but Rob was all in!


He said it was great and we plan on going again next year (its an annual thing for Joe and Lauren).  After that, we stopped at a friend’s house for Rob to warm up.  Then we headed home to feed me and relax a bit after a very long weekend!

Health & Fitness

This weekend wasn’t actually that bad for health except all the drinks!  Not much fitness either, I just haven’t been motivated.  Also, while prepping for the wedding my busted marathon toenail popped up!  Eek!  Its still mostly attached but I am terrified of it getting ripped off now.  Of course, I refused to do anything before the wedding to ensure my nail stayed in tact!  So there’s my excuse for no exercise.  Now that the wedding is over, I have no more excuses and am just lazy.  LoL.

I also started the Whole30 yesterday but it didn’t start smoothly.  We didn’t have time to eat the hotel so we decided to hit Starbucks.  I planned on getting the protein pack which has fruit and a hard boiled egg.  Enough to hold me over but when we got there, they didn’t have it!  I ended up with a Spinach Feta Wrap – not paleo at all.  Oh well.  So we started with lunch instead.  I wasn’t too happy with my meals and was feeling starved all day (not from the food but the crazy schedule).  Better luck today I guess!


7 thoughts on “New Year Newly Weds

  1. Sounds like an awesine wedding! Good luck with the Whole30. For me the biggest thing was planning and bringing food with me. Even if it was just a container of GoSqueeze applesauce and an avocado in my purse, lol. It held me over till I could get some Whole30 goodness!

    1. Yes, our “plan” fell apart. I thought I’d be able to get something but between missing breakfast at the hotel, not stopping at Wawa, and Starbucks being all wonky, I was doomed! But not again!

  2. Nice, just ignore my spelling! I can not see what I type for the first few words as the text shows under the Enter Your Comment Here, lol. Also, your dress is gorgeous! So is the brides!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time, everything was so pretty! Having fallen (ahem, drunk) into a frozen RIVER? I’d leap in and I have Raynaud’s! THAT was planned, so I imagine I’d have no risk (unlike the frozen river thing where we were about 1 mi from the car and that was over an hour ride home!)

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