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This morning, I opened up my email and to the right hand side was an advertisement with this picture.  You can all guess what company it was with the slogan above the photo saying “Very Sexy Now Sexier”.  Now, I have to say, I don’t mind the products they are displaying but I would not define this picture as being at all sexy.

I know these models are already super skinny (unrealistic goal for 99% of the population), and on top of that, they are photo-shopped to look even thinner (unrealistic goal for 100% of the population), so I don’t want this to be a debate on the realistic-ness of this photo.  It is not realistic.  This is a debate on the sexiness of it and my opinion is that it is not.  She looks sickly to me, the ribs showing and the bones in her arms popping out (accentuated of course by the shadows and lighting).  Her arms wouldn’t look so bad if the lighting didn’t make it worse but it’s not very good either way.  I just cannot possibly see this picture in any good “light”.  No matter what part I look at, she looks sickly.

I have a good head on my shoulders and can see this for what it is but what really annoys me is that there are a lot of impressionable girls and women out there who will see this picture and think it is the ideal.  I’m just sad that this ad made it out into the world for those women to see.  I’m sure this woman looked pretty good without all the special effects they did to her to come out with this!

3 thoughts on “Not “Very Sexy”

  1. Oh my gosh, seriously. I totally agree with you. I believe that beauty comes in ALL sizes (including skinny), but why would they create the lighting and photoshopping to end up with …this… as an image? Eek. I agree. Not sexy. And we shouldn’t be teaching girls that it is.

  2. She looks fake – like Barbie doll fake. The only reason she doesn’t look worse is because she’s so orange-glowed up, she appears almost healthy. But no one’s buying it. As a mother of 2 daughters I fight against this caca all the time.

  3. when I saw that picture I didnt think sexy. she looks scary! I will say that A LOT of people noticed Angelina Jolie at the awards being TOO skinny. At least some people can see that. Im tired of seeing all these stick skinny models, they dont look healthy at all!

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