Oh, September. Here Already?

To make goals or not?  I thought about not but I think I changed my mind (in a matter of 15 minutes or so).  I really enjoy making them, tracking them, etc.  But I don’t want them to be overwhelming this month.  So instead of making concrete goals, I’m going to make things I should track and see how I do.  Sound good??

  • Eat healthy 85% of the day.
  • Workout every other day.
  • Keep in touch on FabFit and South Jersey Sparkers.
  • Continue blogging.

So that’s the general plan.  Eat well, workout, blog, stay active on Facebook and SparkPeople.  Easy, right?  Haha, not with my schedule!  One thing I might do is bring back my food blogs.  I haven’t been tracking my food on SparkPeople just because it takes too much time that I would rather put into other things.   I have actually been doing really well with this because I’ve been cooking a lot.  So to document that, I’m going to attempt food blogs again (I say “attempt” because I already missed 75% of what I ate today so far, lol).  I will also report on my workouts in my blogs.

Anyway, time for class (using school wifi!).  I will hopefully blog tonight with a report of my day!

?What are your goals for September?

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