Out of Habit

Out of Habit

I have really been eating too many treats lately…


Summer is always the worst for me because I love, love, love ice cream.  Summer is over though and its time to get back to healthier eating.  On the bright side though, the last few months, I have maintained my weight while still enjoying myself!  To me, that is a good, healthy mindset – I can indulge without going crazy.  I wasn’t really trying to lose weight this summer, I was just trying to not gain so I call that a success.

But I don’t feel my best when I have so many treats in my diet.  I also consider any grains and any dairy as a “treat” since I know that I would do better without eating them.  Some people think it is an unhealthy mindset to have foods that you avoid or consider bad, but I don’t think it is when you acknowledge their negative effects on your body/health.  I think this is a topic for another day though (bad foods, everything in moderation, etc.).

So, it is Fall.  School is here.  I need to be running at optimal performance (especially mentally!) which requires that I eat a healthy, grain and dairy free diet.  I had planned on starting yesterday but managed to completely forget by noon (it is hard when you are out of the habit!).  By next week, I want to be back into the habit of avoiding those negative-feeling foods once again!  I know it isn’t really a solid plan but that is what I’m working with for now Smile

IMG_20130909_164143On a side note, when I got home from school yesterday, I decided to weigh myself while holding everything I took with me.  Then I weighed myself again after I put it all down.  The difference was 37.2lbs!  I carry almost 40lbs of stuff with me to campus.  Yesterday was a “bad” day with lots of books plus my laptop, but that is crazy, right?! 

I also mapped it on Google and the walk from my closest building to the train station is 0.7 miles.  I think walking 0.7 miles in heels while carrying 40lbs should count as some sort of workout??

I’m thinking I need some more solid goals for kickstarting my weight loss plan again and maybe an accountability partner but I don’t know how/what to do just yet.  So the summary of my goals right now:

  • Gym on the weekends
  • Cut out grains and dairy
  • Hydrate

I eventually want to start tracking again too but that is a goal for another week.  I think that is enough babble for today.  I’ll end with a cute kitty photo.

20130909_201606Cupcake loves the belly rub!

2 thoughts on “Out of Habit

  1. as much as tracking is a pain, it really does make you think about what you consuming. it makes you more mindful and purposeful. I think you will see a change in what you consume when you track and you’ll do a better job of avoiding those things you want to eliminate from your consumption!!

  2. I know that if I eat ice cream, pizza, cookies etc they taste SOO good. But then when I am stressed, don’t sleep then I go striiaght to those foods. And then I have a belly ache… no good. but they are REALLY hard to give up

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