Philly in 16 Weeks

Philly in 16 Weeks

I’m a few days late on my training recap from last week.  Yesterday was my board exam and it wasn’t a great experience (not surprised).  But my running last week was GREAT!


I decided to try something new for my workout recap.  I’m not sure how I like it yet.  We’ll see!  Anyway…

I managed 4 runs last week!  That is rather a lot for me.  We did about 2 miles each run with one day totally 2.66 miles.  We took that one really slow and just had fun. 

My best run for the week was on the boardwalk.  We usually run trails which will slow you down on a run due to uneven  ground and sand causing you to use more muscles.  You can’t just zone out and go.  There is also a lot more variation in elevation on the trails while most other paths here are completely flat.  Anyway, so we ran on the boardwalk on Thursday and my first mile was 12:19!  That is rather speedy compared to my usual jogs so I was really happy with that.  I’m not as slow as I thought I was!

I only managed one short strength session this week.  I did some push ups, squats, lunges, and planks.  I would have liked to add pull ups but I have no place to do them right now.  That is something I need to add to my outdoor gym (which also needs to be cleaned up still).

Plans for this week aren’t very exciting fitness-wise.  We are really busy this week, starting Friday.  I am going for a run this afternoon and plan on that for Wednesday and Thursday too.  I might not squeeze anything in this weekend but there should be lots of walking so it all evens out. 

On a sad note, I have misplaced my FitBit charger so I can’t check my steps Sad smile  This makes me really sad.  I love knowing how little much I move during the day.  Let’s hope I find it in the next few days so I can get back to tracking!

That’s it for today.  I’ll try a different layout next week for my workouts.  I made this one on a website called Canva.  It was pretty fun and they have a lot of free stuff you can use but also some premium, paid options ($1 each).  Now, I must be off for that run!

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  1. awesome job on your runs!!! You are definitely getting back into it. I need to try a trail run. maybe with the new guy 🙂

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