Photo Bomb

Photo Bomb

I’ve got nothing to talk about today!  So let’s just look at pictures Smile

I’m still doing the #RNRBestOf Instagram event (competition? game?).


I’m also trying to get into #elf4health but with finals, it been difficult.  I start on Monday with an accountability buddy though so I have to get ready.  Yesterday, I made my own salad dressing which happened to be the day’s challenge!


Turkey, Pistachios, Red Onions, Celery, Grapefruit, Spring Mix Greens, Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar

This picture of my evening snack got a crazy number of likes.  Its just apples and almond butter.  I guess people like that same snack!


I really like my t-shirt today.  I don’t usually wear sayings but this shirt fits me well and I wear it when I don’t feel like working out.


Otto is one funny cat


And there is a reason I love my husband so much (sorry for the typo):


That’s it for today!  I have lots of work to do and tutoring at noon.  I have to work on getting my water in today too as I’ve been short the last 2 days which has lead to a mild headache.  Today’s task on the Healthy Holidays Challenge is to share an article with the group.  It could be one you agree or disagree with (see Be A Skeptic for an example of one I disagreed with).  I should post my article later tonight!

Have you read any good or bad health articles lately?

5 thoughts on “Photo Bomb

  1. Great texts! You guys are too funny…
    I read a great article while waiting for my mammogram – it was in Reader’s Digest – Oct. 2012 issue, it was about how awful sugar is for your body. I was impressed that a mainstream mag would have something that progressive!
    Then I also read a great blog post by Jason Seib on the Everyday Paleo site about how we really aren’t “programmed” to make long term goals. It was interesting to see how much of what he has “discovered” is pretty much what I am learning about in my Wellness Coaching class…we need to take baby steps and can only make changes when we are ready…it was interesting!

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