Photo Challenge Day 10

The explanation of the photo challenge can be found on Day 1’s blog here:  Photo Challenge. 
Day 10 – A picture of your closest friend 
 That would be my husband Rob of course!  He is definitely my best friend.  We were friends for a long time before we dated.  High School (OMG!):
 Before Dating:
After dating: 
(No difference huh?)
Enough pictures 🙂  We do everything together.  It is rare to get a moment when we aren’t together.  I don’t mind it at all because like I said, he really is my best friend!  I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and friend.

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Day 10

  1. We dated for a year and a half (April 2007-October 2008) and got married October 2009 so really not that long. 4 years? But we were really close all through college and basically knew everything about each other before dating. I've known him since 7th grade. That's 14 years!!!

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