Photo Challenge Day 3

The explanation of the photo challenge can be found on Day 1’s blog here:  Photo Challenge.
Day 3:  A picture of your inspiration for weight loss.
This one was kind of hard for me.  I don’t have anything special to think of.  There was nothing that really popped in my head.  My weight loss journey has been solely for myself.  For my own well being.  So I guess I am my own motivation.  I don’t really have an “inspiration” per say.  Just a drive to make myself better.  So since I’m self motivated to lose weight and get healthy, I will post the pictures that motivated (or “inspired”) me to get fit and healthy.

These are all pictures that I was shocked (and maybe horrified) to see of myself.  I worked hard and got to where I am now!  So I guess you could say my inspiration was to get fit and healthy for myself which is the best reason!

?What is your inspiration for being healthy and fit?

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