Prison Break! (Chicken Pictures)

Remember the little guys we hatched back in May?  We’ve had them outside with the big chickens but separated so they can “get to know” each other.  Well, Rob was out there filling up the watering cans and saw a mini chicken run by!  Apparently about 6 of them had dug their way out of their small pen and invaded the full pen.  See the row of mini chickens in the front there?

Luckily the adults are pretty much afraid of the babies and leave them alone.  Haha, I guess they just startle the adult ones.  They are living happily together right now.  We won’t have these too long though because we have a lot of people who are going to take them home to have their own egg producers!

That is really it for today.  To end, pictures of the chickens (since this is The Chicken Scoop!)

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