Product Review: Chia Charger Peanut Butter

Product Review: Chia Charger Peanut Butter

DSCN5723 (600x800)Chia Charger is a brand of nut butters with added chia seeds.  They come in different varieties.  I ordered a package of 3 different kinds from Open Sky and they arrived about a week ago.  Last night, I was hankering for a quick snack and decided I would try the chocolate one (Manhattan Mud) on some bread.

This was one of the creamy butters but it was still rather chunky due to the chia seeds and chocolate chunks in there.  It is a blend of peanut and almond butters and you could see it wasn’t mixed all the way in the jar showing you just how minimally processed it is.

It did taste a little bland though.  It had a very roasted-peanut taste which I’m not used to either.  I could barely taste the chocolate too.  It was pretty good but I’m not crazy about it.  I probably won’t buy more once this jar is done.  On the bright side, I tried the coffee one this morning and it had much better flavor.  Oh and the jars are huge so my 3 jars will last forever!

DSCN5724 (800x600)

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  1. OH…you just gave me an idea! I have chia seeds…I do mix them with almond butter for dipping apples…didn’t think to combine different butters, though! I’m thinking almond and coconut! YUM!

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