Race Expo & Girls Night in Philly!

Last night, Claudia and I headed off to Philly to pick up our race packets for the half tomorrow.  We also planned on hanging out in town for a relaxing girls night.  It was a blast!!

The race is a Rock and Roll Half and they had all sort of crazy stuff set up (this left picture looked like a stage or concert.  LoL.  Claudia is such a good sport too!

We picked up our packets and bags and wandered into the expo.  It was huge!  I expected nothing less (although Broad Street’s was really tiny and I expect much more but hey, the registration fee is like nothing for that race).

The fitting rooms just made me laugh.  Brooks also had a huge circus area set up.  You could have your foot tested, run on their treadmills for them, play games, etc.  I won a t shirt and Claudia got a head scarf.  We also played with the fortune teller!

There was just way too much to look at and buy!  I like seeing the new products but I also check out tables like Gu and Sport Beans so I can get new flavors to try.  Then if I like them, I go on vitacost.com and buy a whole box at wholesale price.  Hehe.  Anyway, we also saw all this cool decals.  Of course I got the Fierce one for my FabFit ladies!


I think Rob needs the athletic supporter one!  He is always taking pictures for me!!  Some people from Biggest Loser was there.  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a famous person!  Even though I didn’t know them, still!  Haha!  We picked up info on their foundation.  Sounds good.  Its about helping kids and there is no minimum fundraising goal to participate.

They also had a TRX set up that I was really bummed I missed.  By the time we got to that, the expo was closed and they had everything packed up.

We were sad we didn’t have more time!  But neither of us could go today so we did what we could!  Then it was off to explore Philly.  We walked past my dream place (Starbucks AND Macy’s?!)

We both found cool bars online to eat at.  We headed to the one I picked first because the menu seemed pretty good (and we were starving!).  It’s down this scary little alley.  We would never had found it just wandering.  Anyway, it opened in 1860!  It is the oldest pub in the city and we LOVED it!  It was already packed around 6 but we found a table.  You just sit wherever.  We decided to sit upstairs, it was a little quieter.

We both ordered authentic foods I guess you can call it.  She got the pork with sauerkraut and potatoes and I got the German sausage plate (one piece of kalbasa and one bratwurst).  SO GOOD!  Pictures didn’t come out though.  So glad we ordered those dishes and they were only $10!  Our whole bill for 2 dinners and 3 beers was like $32, in center city!!!!  Oh and of course I got pumpkin beer 🙂  Anyway, so off it was to the next bar a few blocks away.  On the way, I saw “Vintage Wine Bar” which Tina from CarrotsNCake had gone to when she was in Philly (I had checked her blog for places to go).  It was funny because I thought it was so far but we walked right past it!  Next time then!  Off we went to the Nodding Head Brewery.

This place was pretty good but very slow.  We each had a second.  Claudia tried this one that was supposed to be “tart”.  It tastes like sweet tarts!  To me anyway, it was pretty good!  After this, it was late and decided to head back home.  We had passed a Gelato place on the way there so I said we had to stop.

O.M.G.  SO GOOD!  I love Philly, I’m moving.  Seriously.  This was right by the Vintage bar.  They had all these crazy flavors.  I got Thai Coconut and Fig together.  Delicious!  I definitely liked Claudia’s better.  I didn’t see it but they had Chocolate Hazelnut craziness (there was more in it) and it was to die for.  If you are in Philly, GO HERE.  Wow, I want to drive up there now just for more gelato!

Finally, we headed home.  I got a lot of stuff from the expo!

 I won the Brooks t-shirt and I really like the shirt for the race.  Its even a nice sweat wicking shirt!  I also bought those earbuds there (Yurbuds).  They are supposed to not fall out and they also let ambient sound in.  That was my biggest concern because I run on the shoulder of the road a lot and need to hear cars.  They let me put them in and stood there talking to me while I had music playing.  Pretty cool!  I was sold.  My last long run, I really wanted music the whole time.  Now I just have to find and charge my ipod!

 The stuff on the left is what I bought to try.  The Gu peach Chomps tried at the expo and they were delicious.  I will try to incorporate them into my marathon training!  I also got that bright yellow jacket.  It is a safety jacket and has reflector stuff all over it.  It was cheap (for the expo) and fit nice so I got it for my night time runs!  It was also nice and light weight so I can use it more than just in the winter.  All the samples on the right were FREE!  Love free!  And yay for Larabars!

So that’s it!  Oh and I was soooo enjoying fall yesterday.  I wore my cute boots to work/out to Philly

I also had a cup on Pumpkin coffee from Wawa that is delicious!  I really love their pumpkin coffee, better than DD or Starbucks.  I know!  Better than Starbucks?!  It is… but I also had a Starbucks pumpkin latte at lunch time.  Hehe.  Ok, off to start my day.  Lots of water today and lots of healthy eats for my race tomorrow!  Excited!!!

3 thoughts on “Race Expo & Girls Night in Philly!

  1. Sounds amazing!! Good idea planning your outing online before you go… Then you don't have to waste time trying to decide!

  2. CUTE boots! Love them!
    And you got some serious swag. I hope they have good stuff for the rock n roll I have next month.
    And good luck!!!!
    I cant wait to hear how it went!

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