Reboot for Spring Break

IMG_20130306_212850Happy Monday!  Happy Spring Break!  I have “off” all week meaning that I don’t have classes but I’m expected to work (that is why they pay me to be a graduate student).  I have a ton of homework for my one class (nice stack of paper, right?) and if I have any extra time, that will be spent doing my research.  But first things first, I need to get this house clean.  Clutter stresses and distracts me, and with four monsters cats, this house is a wreck.

We did clean a lot over the weekend but I also felt super busy.  I got home from school Wednesday night to beat the snow storm that never was.  Since I was home, though I was still working on school stuff, I got to go out for Atlantic City Restaurant Week with my sister.  Be sure to look for the restaurant review posts this week and next!


Otherwise, Rob and I had a pretty laid back weekend and I finally got some time to really relax.  There was a rugby party/birthday party.  I found a Doctor Who display at the bookstore (OMG! LOVE!).  We went to a Craft Show.  And just hung out!


We also went out to breakfast with my in-law’s and Rob got the most amazing breakfast food ever.  Cinnamon Bun French Toast.  I had a couple of bites and it was to die for.  A friend of mine joked, asking if it was Paleo, and I’m thinking I now need to figure out how to make something like this at home!  Challenge accepted  Winking smile


I also got a chance to think about my upcoming goals and things.  So here are my plans for the week:

  • Eat really Paleo this week (I’m forgiving sugar in my coffee, breading on things not made at home, and if I go out for restaurant week again).
  • Start Body Beast today!
  • Run at least 3 times this week.

My cold has almost completely gone away with an annoying chest cough only when its cold so my first few runs will probably be a lot of coughing but I’m hoping it will go away quickly!  And I have no excuses not to start lifting again other than being busy.  But its Spring Break – I make my own schedule – so I can’t be too busy to squeeze that in either!  I better go now so I can get this house spic and span so I can get to work!

4 thoughts on “Reboot for Spring Break

  1. I’m lucky that my readings are all digital (if sometimes HORRIBLE scans!). I’m a little unlucky if I neglect some and don’t get them on a device bigger than my phone. I ended up not getting to about 400 pages of reading because I missed them this week! Hoping to do better with this week’s reading. Jeezo.

    I also skipped the actual ACTIVITY, too. I was sick. Boo.

    1. I’ve repeatedly asked this professor to E-MAIL me things and she keeps making excuses. I have a 3 inch binder for this class that is already full. What a waste!

      1. MIT offers everything digitally — maybe ugly… Unfortunately, it doesn’t all work for ereader OFFLINE is the point!). I’ve been experimenting and about 50% works.

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