Relaxed Runner

Relaxed Runner

Yesterday, with all of the running registration discounts going around for Running Day, I started to think about my race schedule for the fall.  I usually do a half marathon in the fall and figured it would be no different this year.  Then I really started thinking about it, and I might just skip it this year.

I went to become a better runner.  I know I can get faster.  Back when I was running regularly and training, I was getting fitter and faster.  This takes time though and rushing into another race isn’t the best way to do it.  You can’t work on speed and distance at the same time.

I’m enjoying my running.  Right now, I really like that I don’t have a plan or a schedule.  I just go to the park each day and run as much as I like, walk if I want to, and stop when I’m ready.  There’s no certain mileage I need or a pace to meet.  I just have fun!  It’s not making for the fastest run times but its making me enjoy it a hell of a lot more!

Races cost money.  It can get super expensive always running these races.  I gawk at the people who run a race every month.  If I had to pick one race in the next year, I think I’d pick the Nike Women’s Half in DC in the spring (since I’m a student, I don’t have to deal with the lottery so I’m set for 2 more years!).  These races can cost anywhere from $75-$200.  I can’t afford to do every race I see.

I’m enjoying not having to run.  I can run but I don’t have to… So I’m running more.  Huh, go figure.  It is amazing how much more willing you are to do something when its not required.  I also like the fact that if I want to skip a run for Zumba class instead, I can without guilt.  Right now, its all about getting fit and not training for a specific distance.

I’m liking the shorter distances.  I’m not in the best shape right now but I still try to make myself run distance.  The path at the new park is only 1.5 miles and I haven’t been doing more than 1 lap.  I kind of like the fact that I don’t have to go any further if I don’t want to.  I’ll save the double lap for a day I’m really feeling it.  I’ll work on mastering that first lap.

So I’m just going to go with the flow.  I don’t have a workout schedule to follow.  I don’t have any plans beyond today (its nice out, I’ll run at the park).  I just want to be fit and healthy.  I’ll do a little bit each day to get there!

Do you like to keep a race calendar or just run for the fun of it?

3 thoughts on “Relaxed Runner

  1. I used to keep a race calendar but now that I’m focusing more on strength training, I run when I can. I find it takes the pressure off. I do sign up for races here and there so that I keep my motivation and have something to work towards. I think it’s perfectly fine to call yourself a runner even if you only run occasionally, a couple times a week. After all, you are what you identify yourself with.

  2. I feel the same wayabout running! I was getting So burnt out ad started HATING running. I love the freedom to enjoy it because I want to be healthy, not because i have to run x miles today. Great job getting back into it for fun!

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