Relaxing Spring Break

Hello strangers!  I have been insanely busy with school as you can probably guess.  This semester has been the most work I have had since going back to grad school 4 years ago.  Luckily, I am taking better care of myself now than I was last year and am handling the stress much better.  I haven’t just been working the last few weeks, I took some time for myself too!

I took a day trip to Cape May, NJ with friends where we went to the zoo and to the beach (in the snow…)


We had actually gone to see the lighthouse but it was closed because it was rather late in the day.


Rob and I took Spring Break off together.  We didn’t get much done around the house like I wanted but we spent time together.

Rob worked a ton of overtime with all the snow plowing recently and he bought me this awesome treadmill!  It was a steal for the price so we couldn’t resist (he had been planning on getting a power rack for himself).  This also meant that I could cancel my gym membership so really, the treadmill will earn its money back in no time.  Our gym is looking rather snazzy.


We ended Spring Break with a quick trip to North Jersey to see my friends Brian and Alyssa get married on Pi Day! I used to work with Brian and have totally scooped up Alyssa when she came around.  So happy for them!

DSC_6532 (3)

After that, it was back to school and has been a whirlwind since.  I had to buy my graduation regalia and order my class ring.  I had a huge group project due this past Monday and a presentation today.  I also have a lab class for which I took data from 9AM to about 6PM on Monday!  On top of all this, I have had residency interviews (the possible next step after I graduate).  I’ll find out this Friday if I got accepted to any residencies (there were 400+ applicants for 89 positions).  If not, it will be job application time!  I have lots of options though so I’m not that worried.  Things will work out in the end!  Only 52 days until graduation!

Well, that is all for today.  I promise to get back to the health and fitness topics next time.  Good news is that with all the stress and craziness, I have been able to squeeze some workouts in and eat relatively well (enough to maintain).  I’ll take whatever I can get!

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