Return of the Gym Rat

Return of the Gym Rat

What a day I had yesterday.  I don’t want to talk about the awfulness so let’s talk about the positives.:

  • I ate within my ranges for the day.
  • I was productive and efficient at school.
  • I worked out at home after a long, annoying day.
  • I cooked dinner when I was tired and cranky and just wanted to eat Wendy’s.

Go me!  Now let’s move on and talk about what’s to come on the Chicken Scoop.

I’m part of a fitness group on Facebook and the group has been less active lately.  People still post but we haven’t done much together in a while.  I suggested we do a challenge for the holidays and lots of people were in.  At the same time the group leader had suggested the same thing on a different thread!  So, since she is so busy (like I’m not), I’ll be helping her lead a challenge for the next few months.  I will share it here also so if you need some extra accountability this winter, definitely keep your eye out!

As for my post-marathon plans, my distance running sneakers will be stored away for a while and these are the sneakers I’ll be using for the next few months:


Cycling Sneakers (top left)
One of the things I was upset about yesterday was that I found out, after I joined the school gym (yay!), that they no longer have spin classes (they don’t have an instructor).  I looked into becoming one but I cant afford the fee right now.  Anyway, I still plan on using these babies somehow.  They said I am still free to use the spin room for my own use.

Dance/Zumba Sneakers (top right)
I tried to go to Zumba yesterday and it was a nightmare…  So I’m not sure I’ll be attending the 4:15 class ever again. There is a 12:15 class on Wednesdays that I could squeeze in and a 7PM class on Mondays and Wednesdays (but that interferes with the Body Pump I would want to go to at 5PM).  Let’s hope the instructors are better.

Racing Flats (bottom left)
I use these for lifting and other workouts.  No, they aren’t cross trainers but they are nice and flat and provide good stability for heavy lifts.  I have a feeling these are going to get used a lot!  I have the choice of at-home workouts, group class (Body Pump), or to start lifting heavy again.  I haven’t decided what I want to do yet.  Too many choices!!!

Newton’s (bottom right)
Yes, I know these are running sneakers. I want to slowly build up in them and maybe even do some speed work when I’m ready.  I’ll probably keep my mileage under the 5K mark for the next few months to let my ankle recover.  (By the way, I meet with my doctor next Wednesday to find out the results of the MRI).  I want to maintain some running but I want to get better at it.  Short and fast will be new goal!

No Sneakers (not shown)
One awesome thing about the school gym is that they have a pool!  I just have to get some goggles and I’m good to go.  I might attend their swim clinic though I don’t know if its free or not.  Its been a few years since I swam laps and I was never any good at the breath while you stroke thing.  I am excited for this aspect of my new workouts too!

So that’s pretty much it for now!  I’ve got no real big plans for my nutrition/diet.  I am continuing to track since I apparently refuse to eat correctly lately.  I have to watch out though that when I have extra calories, I don’t just use them up 1) because I can and 2) with junk food.  Tracking calories can be a slippery slope.  So until I can get my junk eating under control, I have to continue to track.  It is tricky though when you lift because you burn more calories that aren’t accounted for.  Anyway, I will figure it out!  And as always, a main goal is to be more Paleo (I like 80/20 but its been more like 60/40)

Well, I must be off!  I have errands to run (and oil change is #1) and a take home exam to finish!  Happy Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Return of the Gym Rat

  1. Fun with the shoes. I wore my running-only, magically expensive, bright pink (you don’t get a choice when your feet are as bad as mine) trainers TO WORK yesterday…cos I can/ felt like it and I won’t be running in them. At least they’re the best ever for my feet, therefore good for me.

    Good luck on your exam!

  2. Sounds like a plan! I need to come up with a plan for after the Philly marathon. I am thinking that after a week of rest, I will want to do something. So, it will either be start up P90X again (which I do love) or see if I can fit CrossFit back into the budget (which I also Love!) Either way, it will be a lot of ST and core. I’m sure that once the new year hits, I’ll be itching for running again and might still run in Dec, but not training for anything, just the regular 4 mile loop with the guys in the morning. It’s more social than anything! 😉

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